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My company clamps down on free mail services!

By Optimistic Maverick ·
Hello Everyone,

A senior executive at the firm I work for recently emailed everyone at the organization that the company's mail network was being overburdened with personal mails being sent by employees to each other. He stressed on the fact that the company was developing outsourced projects and said that there due to the nature of the work involved and intellectual property rights, he has enforced a policy that bars anyone from sending mail attachments via the company's mail servers and through free web based mail services like hotmail and yahoo mail. As a result of this, access to sites such as hotmail and yahoo have been blocked and we're restricted to sending mails to our project members only.

Was the decision to block access to free web based services fair?

Is there any suggestion as to what could be an alternative course of action which would protect the company's sensitive information from being leaked via email services and also allow the employees the freedom to access the likes to hotmail and yahoo?

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to My company clamps down on ...

It's fair alright. We block the usage of hotmail, yahoo, etc. here as well. Not for the exact reasons as you have listed above but close. When you are work being paid to do a job and using the company's network then they call the shots. Meaning simply if they don't want you using outside e-mail sources from their network it's their decision and it's fair.

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Well the stated reason sounds bogus

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My company clamps down on ...

but it's their kit, their time and their money, so yes it's fair.
You'll have to use jumpdrives and have swap-meets at the water cooler now.
Sounds like you guys were having too much fun anyway!

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Sounds fair

by EddieGTA In reply to Well the stated reason so ...

Where I am now they do not block Hotmail etc, but as someone that has looked after exchange servers and networks I understand why a company would do that. Why should you company mail administrator worry about space etc on the server for personal mails and attachments?

Using free mail services circumvents all your mail servers virus protection, and OK I am sitting here typing this at work but you are not there to send personal mails. If I get a telling of for surfing in company time and mailing friends, fair enough.

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