My Compaq Presario notebook DVD-RAM Drive reads some DVDs but not others

By christophershelt ·
I have a Compaq Presario notebook V6444US with a dual processor and 2GB memory, a 120 GB Hard Drive, a partitioned Drive which acts as a backup in the place of CD Disks, and a DVD-RAM E: Drive that is supposed to be able to record as well as burn CDs and DVDs.
However, the E: Drive is selectively playing some DVD videos and not others; and no one seems to have an answer. One possibility was that Windows XP (my OS) has a history of not being able to read CD-ROMs on a DVD-RAM Drive. Another possibility is that the optical drive on this model is faulty and HP wants me to ship it to them for repairs...something I'd rather avoid as I went through 4 computers that way a year ago and don't want to go through it again. AQnother pragmatist suggested that computers are by their very nature qwerky and that I might fare better by copying the DVD to my Hard Drive and then burning it onto a new DVD-R. (I simply don't don't know how to do this.) I have tried to copy and burn, but cannot manage to do that, either.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to My Compaq Presario notebo ...

if you DVD only supports -R you will not be able to use +R DVD's.

Download these two programs and use DVDDecrypter to Backup your DVD to the Hard Drive and use DVDShrink to burn it back to DVD





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Well it depends on where you get the movies from

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Compaq Presario notebo ...

If they are Blue Ray or HD DVDs the conventional DVD Drive can not actually read them so you need to change the DVD Drive over to one that will read either Blue Ray or HD DVDs. Sorry but at the moment you can not have both in the 1 drive as they are different formats requiring different players.

Also if you are attempting to play Recorded DVDs in this drive it may not support DVD +R's so if you have got Disc's that are of th e+R format it may be unable to read them while it can read the -R Disc's perfectly.

The drive if it is working correctly should read all Manufactured DVDs except the Blue Ray & HD DVDs, but can have problems with some recorded ones owing to format differences or the Dye Lots of the actual Blanks that have been used as some older DVD Blanks had a different color dye which some Readers can not read.

If the drive can play one Disc and then latter is unable to read it the drive is faulty and needs replacing. If you do need to send the unit back for repairs make sure that you have a full Data Backup as HP will wipe the Drive and re image it to the factory fresh install to check the hardware out and destroy all your Data in-the process.


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Thank you Col, but the DVDs work on a DVD player

by christophershelt In reply to Well it depends on where ...

I have been hammering my head against the wall for days because of this. And the fact that DVD videos are playing corectly in my DVD player, but not on my computer, irks me. One person suggested deleting upper and lower filters, to no avail. The pelople at HP are sending me a box with which to return the notebook; but I have had some bad experiencdes the last year (I had to return 4 separate laptops before finally getting this one. Sending it back would be a last result. Thank you,

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OK so the DVDs are all f the same type

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you Col, but the DV ...

And apparently the DVD Player on your TV can support multiple different Formats. But that doesn't mean that the computers Optical Drive does.

Most of the older Combo Drives supported the -R format but not the + R Format if I remember correctly as I tend to use all -R Format DVD Blanks.

The Manufactured DVDs are a different thing to a recorded DVD so they shouldn't be an issue but if this NB can play some Recorded Disc's and not others it may be working perfectly well and just not support that Format DVD Blank that some of the movies are on. Maybe at least.

Without knowing more it's very hard to say much more.


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Check for a DVD drive firmware update

by ken In reply to My Compaq Presario notebo ...

Right click on "my computer" then left click on "properties". Then select "device manager' on the "hardware" tab. Select the "DVD/cd-rom drive". Go the the manufacturer of the drive and see if there is a firmware update

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A domestic DVD player will accept any old crappy disc...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Compaq Presario notebo ...

Whereas a computer optical disc is a bit more choosy.

Most users would rather have it this way since they rely on accuracy for the installing of digital data in the form of program software.

The odd missing bit or two doesn't matter much in the case of a domestic DVD player but could corrupt a computer program.

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