My Compaq V3425AU Freezes for a minute or two and again starts working!Why?

By miniGweeK ·
I bought my Compaq V3425AU last july31st. It came preinstalled with Windows Vista HOME basic.
Its specs :: AMD X2 1.7Ghz. 1 GB ( 2 x 512 ) DDR2 667 Mhz, Geforce Go 6150 onboard, 160 GB HDD, DVD+-RW .

Obviously to get my system to work fastest i dual booted with Windows XP Pro SP2. Along with drivers.

Now its been almost 8 months since I installed XP and the laptop was working fine utill recently. Recenly , my laptop HANGs / Freezes suddenly for no reason.
It happens Randomly, Browsing, listening to music, or simple Coding time! But after a min or so , I ca get it to respond again . This repeats evetu now and then

AND , while playing the Game Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Kane Edition, it freezes extremely ! The Screen draws a Hazy colored White Blank! And It never Unfreezes have to reboot!

Also sometimes during reboot , I dont get a POST.
That happens rarely , but it does happen! I have tested by disconnecting the AC power adapter and attempting to boot on Battery , and it boots fine then. wierd!

Any Idea on the 1st and 2nd problem ? and why is this happening ?

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Spy-ware, Background Software, Page File

by TheChas In reply to My Compaq V3425AU Freezes ...

A number of things can cause your PC to slow down.

The most prevalent are Spay-Ware programs from a variety of sources. Install programs like AdAware and SpyBot and perform a thorough scan for spay-ware and viruses.

Next, how many programs run in the background? Every icon in the system tray represents resources that are being used. Disable as many tasks as you can.

The size and structure of your page file can impact system speed too.

There are various rules of thumb and opinions on page file settings. Any way you look at it though, you want to have at least 10% and no less than 2GB of free disk space. I set my systems to a minimum of 2X RAM with no maximum for the page file.

Another possible problem is a memory leak. When programs do not release the memory space they were using when they are closed, that memory remains unavailable for other programs. A quick look at task manager will show the status of your system resources.


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ah oh!

by miniGweeK In reply to Spy-ware, Background Soft ...

I thoroughly check my pc with antispyware tools every alternate days. I Use Spyware Search and Destroy along with Ad Aware. SO Hopefully i am clean there.
And I run KAV updated. SO no virus / trojan hopefully too.
About 30 Processes run in the TASKMANAGER.

My Page File is set to 1.8 GB , The task manager doesn't show exorbitant usage of PF(Page File ) or Processor either!

Any ideas ?
I read in some forum that it maybe a RAM or AC Power Adapter related Problem Can that be the case ?

I cannot test my RAM using memtest , as I cannot boot using CD, dvdwriter is giving out on me too. It fails to recognize CDs


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What about the contents of your Systray ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ah oh!

As Chas mentioned, how many programs do you have running your sys tray?

Vista is in itself a memory/resource-hungry operating system. Therefore if you intend to play a memory intensive game like Command & Conquer, you should close just about every program that exists in your sys tray BEFORE playing the game.

Kill off your anti-virus, your anti-spyware, Spybot Tea-timer (if it is running), even your Firewall. If you are playing an offline game, none of these background programs are necessary - they are simply using RAM that could be otherwise used by the game program.

You haven't mentioned your defragmentation regime. What is the current state of fragmentation on your hard drive?

Also, how much free space does your hard drive have, as a percentage of total hard drive space?

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