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By nigelizm ·
My Windows 2000 SP2 machine frequently boots up with My Computer telling me that there are 0 objects present. When that happens, when I close My Computer, it doesn't respond (unable to close). However, Task Manager doesn't see it as not responding.

Logical Disk Manager: When My Computer shows 0 objects are present, logical disk manager is also unable to list the drives present on my system. It appears to be loading, but doesn't manage to display what it should normally.

Internet Explorer: Also related is internet explorer no being able to go to a web address specified in the address bar after the 'enter' key is pressed. However, it is able to open links on pages and load the default webpage.

Safe Mode: Windows 2000 never exhibits this problem in safe mode. And I'm unable to find any answer to this problem in Microsoft's kb

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