My computer and internet speed are fast but videos streamed online lag

By jongathome ·
I am using a new toshiba lap top windows 7. My internet is at 18895 Kbps.
so my computer start up is real fast and internet gives me no problems.
The only issue I have been having is with online streaming and it has only started recently. I cleared my cache, cookies and history, and downloaded a registry cleaner to try and get it fixed, no luck.
I stream using websites like put locker divx and youtube.
The download speed is great you can see it load all the way to the end of a two hour movie. However it will lag and music continues, if I scroll my mouse it will continue the video. I am not sure how to fix this.
is there any way i could adjust my router/modem to make it more compatible?
is there anything free I can download to fix the lag?
thanks for the input guys

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goto dslreports

by robo_dev In reply to My computer and internet ...

dot com

There they have speed test and tweak test.

The speed test tells part of the story, the tweak test gets into Windows setttings, MTU size, etc.

How are you connecting to the LAN, via Wireless or via wired Ethernet?

Do wired LAN computers have the same issues on your network?

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Sometimes there isn't much you can do,

as a lot will depend on the server from which the video is being sent, possible misconfiguration, or more likely more users than the site accounted on. YouTube videos are notorious for this. Sometimes just using a different playback application may help, not sure what you're using, but if using say Windows Media, might try something like VLC.
Try the steps robo outlined above, then maybe try a different playback application.

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by robo_dev In reply to Sometimes there isn't muc ...

Also a simple thing is to change the video resolution of the playback.

On YouTube click on the little gear....if it's at HD, switch it to a lower resolution. HD takes a lot of bandwidth AND a lot of local processing power.

Viruses and malware do wreak havoc with processing power, too....

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Sometimes there isn't muc ...

Not only processing Power but also the Bandwidth being used by things other than the stream you are downloading.

Of course if it's slow from the site you are getting it then there is nothing possible that can be done.


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