My computer crashes in different ways

By darthvega7 ·
I have an Emachines S2482 with all of the original parts from a few years ago except one upgraded memory stick, a Radeon 9550 video card, and an ethernet card. Every time I boot up the computer it will either: freeze up anytime between the bios startup and when I'm actually logged in, reboot instantly between those same times, or it will boot up but not dispay anything on the screen. If the screen is blank sometimes my green ring of light on the power button is not on either. I'm not sure what is causing the problem or if there is more than one problem. Any ideas?

Edit: forgot to mention that the computer will work fine after one or two forced reboots (holding the power button five seconds).

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At a guess I would say you have a faulty Power Supply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My computer crashes in di ...

Test with a Known Good PS and work from there. It wouldn't hurt to clean out the case either if it's a few years old but I think that you'll be up for a new PS and buy a decent one which will not die the first time it gets a bit of dust in it, so look at something like an Antec PS as a replacement.


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My first thought would be Hal's response

by w2ktechman In reply to My computer crashes in di ...

but I want to add, bad memory. Boot to a Linux live distro, and check the memory out, or pull a chip and see. I had this happen on a desktop system in the past. Although the memory was for this PC, it had trouble with it. This may also happen if you have different types of RAM installed, say ECC and non ECC, etc..

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by ozi Eagle In reply to My computer crashes in di ...


As well as the previous answers, also check the electrolytic capaictors, around the cpu. If any have bulging tops, lifted cans or gunk oozing from them your mobo is done for, unless you are very good with a soldering iron to remove and replace them. I have about 50% success doing this, and never try to repair a client's board this way. Usually replace client's then attempt to fix the faulty one for my use and edification.


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by meridenscrafts In reply to My computer crashes in di ...

It could be a virus. Can you get your hands on a mcafee, emergency boot disk. This is worth a try. I had one that did that, also it may be your irq is messed up.

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freezing computer

by meridenscrafts In reply to My computer crashes in di ...

Or take your memory sticks out and reseed them, make sure you are well grounded with wrist strap. or you could check your video card in another computer to see if it has a short or overheat???

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