MY Computer Does not recognise USB HDRIVES until I use the routine below

By Thennek ·
Checked all usb ports & opening MY COMPUTER the drive letter of the USB HDRIVE(s) does not appear.I see C, D as drive 0 & 1 Drive 3 & 4 or more .. I have to insert them using using , START, right clk My Computer, Manage, disk management,right click the drive & Add/change the drive letter & paths ...Then I can access the drive....
The drive(s) appear in the DISK MANAGER ( no yellow)prior to doing the above

I cannot see the drives until I add them via the above routine. All drivers are OK, DELL says to re-format the drives ..I say no because any USB HDRIVE does not appear..I am looking at all the the drivers for the DELL 4550

I smell it is a WINDOWS XP PRO problem ..Windows did a self check & shows no problem.

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Yes, sometimes you have to rescan drives.

by seanferd In reply to MY Computer Does not reco ...

Especially if you detach & reattach. Particularly if you don't use the same USB port - Windows "remembers" the last device attached to the port.

Shorten the process by right-clicking the My Computer icon → Manage → Disk Management → Action → Rescan Disks.

Or, from the command line or batch file:
echo rescan | diskpart
[edit: or even a CMD shortcut or CMD file]

Backing up the data and reformatting in Windows may help, but it may just be a USB thing.

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