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my computer does not start.

By ken_marq2001 ·
what is the problem in my computer if it just start and nothing happens? even the bios did not appear? the monitor is in good condition and if you press the on button the led just light but nothing happens?

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by Casemaker In reply to my computer does not star ...

Does the fan spin on the case. Look to the video card as culprit. If it is onboard, disable and install AVG or PCI. Try removing all cards and take power away from drives and remove cables from MB. also remove memory and if no beep, board or cpu dead?

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by In reply to my computer does not star ...

Follow this instructions: Check for fan movement inside the case. Spasmic movement means bad power supply. Listen to the beeps on your board. No beeps = dead board. If fans turn on, check the capacitors. If they are bulging or open at the top or leaking, you need a new mobo. If not, start taking out your cards. start with the modem. Every time you remove one, try and power up the system. If you run out of cards, system beeps and fans spin, check your memory or your processor. THEN, check your video card.

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by srid In reply to my computer does not star ...

what laptop is it. make and model

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by kokwee_1867 In reply to my computer does not star ...

Your mainboard could be defective !!

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by cul8rm8e In reply to my computer does not star ...

Ok i have read the past 2 answers and agree strongly with them, however i know this is a very silly but as you know with pc's the slightest and most significant thing can stop the whole operation of a pc.

I have an old 400Mhz ali aladdin 5 board with 128 Mb ram, i took out my components and "re-housed" them to a newer case however after the move i discovered that i had the exact same problem as you described.. here comes the really silly part you know what was causing this to happen? it was to do with my IDE cables they were that old (not broken or damaged) just very old cables after i had fitted all my components with newer cables my pc worked a treat (well for a 400Mhz anywayz lol )

Maybe you should give this a try, dont know just a suggestion :)

Good Luck

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by tripplec In reply to my computer does not star ...

Verify the the M/B is getting power. CPU Fan on, LED on M/B on (some OEM's), PS fan on (if fan is not on then replace with another PS). If AMD CPU (the run real hot), remove power cord first then remove and reset the CPU sometimes a bad connection develops in the socket due to the high current requirements. Remove all or unecessary cards in slots as can hang the bus. If still nothing your M/B is done in, swollen caps is one indication and seen that on AMD boards.

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