My Computer doesnt see or have the option to add new hardware (DVD/CD-ROM)

By evachan_li ·
The computer has two hard drives both in one controller. In the other controller i have put the DVD-ROM but it doesnt recognise it at all. It doesnt see it first of all, and when i try to manually add it ( by going to the control panel and selecting add hardware) there is no option for DVD/CD rom so im out of ideas. Any clues as to what is going on or what i can do?

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Check BIOS

by Toivo Talikka In reply to My Computer doesnt see or ...

Can you see if the drive is detected during the Power On Self Test (POST)?

Have you checked the BIOS settings for the IDE channel? If the setting is None, the drive is not going to be detected. Change the setting to Auto and it will be auto detected.

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by mpcm In reply to My Computer doesnt see or ...

Have you set the jumper correct? If it is on the same controller as another CDROM set it to slave and connect it to the middle connector of the ribbon cable. If it is the only drive on that controller make sure it is set as master and connect it to the end connector. If it is set correctly you will be able to see it in the BIOS.

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swap ide slot

by Naw-yi In reply to Jumper

put the ribbon your using for the harddrives into the slot you used for the dvdrom, and the dvd into harddrive, get it? if it doesnt recognize the harddrives then you'll have a mb with a bad ide slot and needs to be returned. if it works and recognizes the harddrives but doesnt recognize the dvdrom your dvdrom could be the problem.

remember to unplug your rig from the wall, not just turning off the power. especially when working with your harddrives or memory.

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