my computer failed on opening

By shiena_anne ·
it was on it's 95% process of opening but at the end a box will appear saying

Out of range
H: 75.0 KHz
V: 60 Hz

what is that?

I think i clicked something wrong in my!!

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by mamies In reply to my computer failed on ope ...

Like the settings for your monitor are incorrect. You may need to boot into Safe mode and correct these settings.

Above is a step by step guide on how to do this.


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Been playing with the screen resolutions have we?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to my computer failed on ope ...

Do as suggested above to reset your Display Resolutions. If you are unable to understand the directions post back and we'll see what we can do to help you further.


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graphics card

by martinknapton In reply to my computer failed on ope ...

it is your graphics card or graphics chip, that is if it is a onbord graphics card if you are using
a nvidia or ATI graphics card then you have got the
hertz for your graphics to high so your moniter is not able to run at that range

to sort this unplug the graphics card and turn on the pc for 5 mins then turn the pc off and put the graphics card back in then turn on the pc and that should fix the problem ...
if it a onbord graphics card just reset the bios and that should fix it if not then it may be a biget problem ...

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Simply unseating the card....

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to graphics card

Does not just magically reset it. All of the configuration settings are stored in device manager. You have to go into device manager and delete the card and reinstall the driver.

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