My computer falsely reads an HDD as in a raid, what should I do?

By wojci028 ·
I formerly had a stripe raid set up on my computer, but since then I have disabled it. Since then I have removed one of the disks that used to be in the raid (had bad sectors), and replaced it with a bigger drive of the same series. Everything was fine until I took my comp apart and put it into a new case. Now my main drive works just fine, but the drive that was formerly part of that raid is being read twice as big as it should be, and it's being listed as exactly half full. I can't read any files on the disk.
I'm running xp sp3 if that helps.
My bios is set to configure sata as IDE, so I know that's not the issue.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Well at a guess

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My computer falsely reads ...

You have not returned the HDD to the same SATA Socket on the M'Board and the hardware is reverting it to some form of RAID Array. The SATA Sockets on the M'Board are numbered 0 to whatever the Maximum Number are or 1 to the Maximum Number. You need to return all of the HDD's to the SATA Sockets that they where originally connected to.

When you do things like this you need to make sure that everything goes back Exactly where it came from so that means every SATA HDD onto the same SATA Connector on the M'Board. These are numbered for a reason and you need to return the system to the same way it was before you pulled it apart.

I would also check the BIOS and make sure that no settings in there have been altered as some M'Boards have a Hardware RAID setup available there.


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