My computer has slowed to a dead crawl.

By fmlondon ·
In the past few days, my computer has slowed to a dead crawl. I have defragged, run virus scans, malware scans, and nothing has helped. If my system is to be believed, I do not have a virus or spyware. So, what has happened, and what can I do about it? For example, when I went to register so that I could ask this question, it took me 25 minutes.

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Well for starters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

Run the AV Scan and Malware Scans in Safe Mode not the Normal Mode. Any infections that have been picked up are more likely to show up that way.

Or better still use a Rescue Disc like one of the ones mentioned here in this Blog on cleaning computers

http://www.techrepublic .com/blog/security/rescue-cds-tips-for-fighting-malware/3803

Remember to remove the space from between the techrepublic and the .com


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Reponse To Answer

by fmlondon In reply to Well for starters

Hi Oh,

How do I get a Rescue Disc?

Thank you.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well for starters

Go tot he Link provided above and the different Rescue Disc's can be downloaded from Links within the Blog.

The Blue writing in the Blog are links.


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by ARandomPenguin In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

I assume it was running fine in the past? did you update your os or something? (xp specs arent great in the long run on win 7 versions later than home basic) can you give a brief outline of your laptop specs and age? (memory, cpu, hard drive size (and capacity), etc).

after running the can from the boot disk or safemode try going through and uninstalling any unused lagware (effects of that depend on your specs).
maybe clear out your temp files (i dont recommend using registry cleaners for that though. Revo uninstaller (download the trial at http://www.revouninstaller. com/ remove the space at the .com) has works beautifully more me when removing and maintaining my system)

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safe boot the system

by databaseben In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

if you have hardware malfunction, it can cause the system to crawl. but this in only one of a number of possibilities. it can be due to the recent microsoft updates. it can also be due to a corrupt master file table. it can also be that your ram chips are bad or they are overloaded with superfluous data and processing the data is taking too long. you may also have lost your page file, ie virtual memory.

one of the best ways to see if the operating system is corrupted or not, is to boot up in the safe modes. try booting in safe mode and see if your computer works better. then reboot into safe mode with networking and also see how it runs.

if windows runs ok in safe mode, then the operating system doesn't need to be repaired. instead your computer needs to be tweaked.

the first tweak is to execute a clean boot before booting up into windows normal mode:

afterwards, look at the "low virtual memory" page on the above site.

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If all else fails check the inside

by Whing In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

I have just had a similar problem. Sometimes the issue isn't software - particularly if you haven't installed anything recently.

After a few weeks of steadily worsening performance (for which I blamed the kids installing lots of games and crapware) I had decided to reimage my PC. Before I could get round to this, I started to get disk errors. The disk was ok so I thought I had a disk controller or motherboard issues. However opening it up I found the CPU cooling system was covered in dust and cobwebs. After giving it a clean out and a blast with compressed air and double checking everything was seated ok the performance was back to normal and the disk errors a thing of the past.

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Failing hard drive?

by Bruce Epper In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

Check your event logs for disk errors. If the hard drive is failing, especially with a large number of read errors, the entire system slows to a crawl. If you are getting a large number of errors, back up everything you need and prepare for a hard failure (get a replacement drive).

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Hard disk full?

by Jono.W In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

May not be a cataclysmic failure/virus/doomsday situation: I found this on an XP PC when we kept hitting the limit on the hard drive - as it gets nearer to being full it slows down worse & worse (and you lose the ability to system restore as there isn't space to save the restore point).
Run a system clean (programs, accessories, system tools, disk clean, then another tool like CCleaner) , then delete/save anything else you can to make space. And prepare yourself to by a bigger hard drive or at least an external one....

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Keep it simple

by levi.long In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

If you haven't made any changes recently (adding new hardware, installed new programs, etc...), check your task manager. Just hold Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys at the same time, and it will popup. There are tabs on the top; Applications, Processes, Performance, and Networking. Select the processes tab. It gives four colums of information by default. Look for a process that has CPU value higher than 50% that is not coming down. (Except for your System Idle Process it's ok for that to be high) If there is a service or application choking your system this is how you find it. Hope this helps.

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Clean It Up

by TheDJTee In reply to My computer has slowed to ...

Download & run CCleaner ( before you get started with anything else!

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