my computer is auto restarting

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hi friends pls. help me with my problem. sometimes my computer is auto restarting even when i'm in Bios Setup.sometimes when my OS is loading my computer keep on restarting.i have an asus motherboard with pentium 4 3.0Ghz processor.pls help.Thanks a lot.

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Well if it is restarting without warning everywhere

by OH Smeg In reply to my computer is auto resta ...

Start off by changing the BIOS Battery. When they get flat or low they cause quite a few screwy problems restarting is just one of them.

If after changing the BIOS Battery the problem persists you will most likely have to change the Power Supply as well. Restarts can also occurs when the Power Supply is going bad and isn't providing enough current for the computer to run.

Just a note of caution here when you remove the BIOS Battery make sure that you have disconnected the power first and then you can start to remove the cover to get access tot he M'Board. Do Not remove the battery while there is power applied to the M'Board as if you drop the battery it will short out the M'Board and damage it.


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by eltonpiko In reply to my computer is auto resta ...

have you check if your cpu is no heating up, cpu fan not running or try removing any pci device wich sumtimes can cause these kind of problem if faulty.also if you power botton dont get stuck.

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This is palliative, not curative

by nepenthe0 In reply to my computer is auto resta ...

1) Boot the computer into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key during the early boot phase (POST = Power On Self Test). One of the Safe Mode options will be:

Disable automatic restart on system failure

Select this option with your arrow keys, then hit Enter.

Now the real work begins, because you need to determine the cause of this glitch.

Rick/Portland, OR

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