My Computer is not restarting?

By sanwardak ·
I have HP desktop pc with 64bit CPU, 2 GB RAM, 120 HDD. I made it dual boot wich is Windpws 7 pro and Vista both are 32 bits. When I try to restart it will not restart the Screen gose black, but the fan is running the light are on in pc. The only way I can restart it to unpluge the power many times then it will reboot. when I am unpluging then pluge the power the CPU fan make load noise when that happan it will not reboot, then I have to unpluge the power many times agin then some time the fan noise stop that is the time it reboot. I have tryed many things I install the windows many times, I reset the memory, Change hard drive change cables, but it not work. When sometime work then try to restart it the screen gose black it will not restart. I install some driver from HP website, but it didnt work too. Can someone please help me?


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It sounds like your PSU (power supply unit) is going..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to My Computer is not restar ...

Get hold of another PSU (power supply unit) and fit it into your computer, it should sort out your problem.

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by sanwardak In reply to It sounds like your PSU ( ...

I bought the power supply, but it didn't fix the problem. Anyway thanks

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Was it a big enough PSU

by seanferd In reply to Hello

to power the system?

If it isn't the PSU, I suspect the motherboard is gone bad. You can visually inspect it for bad capacitors, or have it checked at a shop.

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Ok, another thing you can try is....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to My Computer is not restar ...

To restart ALL over again.
Back up ALL of your data.
Now wipe your drive FULLY with Killdisk:


Then load on your Vista operating system first, load all of the updates.
Next load on your Windows 7 operating system, now Windows 7 should see that you have vista on board and give you the option of doing a duel boot install.

Hope all goes well.

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