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ANYBODY... I JUST STARTED UP MY COMPUTER AND IT BEFORE IT EVEN BOOTED UP IT STARTED GOING BEEP - beep - BEEP - beep - BEEP - beep... continuously.. I got logged onto windows fine and was able to open and close programs but the noise wouldn't stop. I restarted it and it did it again. I shut it down and waited and then started it and it did it again.. I can't get it to run without making that repetitive beep - beeping sound. one high pitched beep then a low pitched beep repeating itself. What do I do? It's making me feel anxious just hearing it.. i don't know if its a hardware or software problem.

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If it boots okay

by mjd420nova In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

It sounds like a stuck key on the keyboard. If it boots up normally except for the beep, a key may be stuck on the keyboard. If so, try looking at the control panel and it might identify the faulty key. A good visual inspection with the unit off could give you an idea of which one. Press each key, even the function keys and numeric cluster, see if they feel okay or don't seem to have the same ACTION as the rest. Maybe one is stuck down or feels funny. The space bar is the most common culprit. Good luck.

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Possible Hardware or Memory failure

by BigAbe In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

A constant beeping may mean a number of things. I would start with your memory sticks. If you have more than one, try removing one, start the pc and see if it stops... if not, shut down the pc, put that one back and take the other out... start the PC again and see if it stops.

you may also look up your mother board specifics for beep codes to see if they offer suggestions.

Other issues may be failing hardware.

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by Hendry_Betts In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

Without knowing any of the pertinent information about your computer (manufacturer, bios manufacturer, model, peripherals, etc) I would venture that you have a hardware fault that is being detected by your BIOS. It isn't serious enough to prevent boot, but it is a problem.

Recommendation: 1) Activate your warranty on your computer
2) provide more information (as described above)
3) Disconnect your internal speaker :-)

The last one isn't a solution, but it will stop the infernal beeping.


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First things First

by w2ktechman In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

Althought there are several good solutions, if it just started happening, here is the first steps.

Listen to the beep codes. Look up the specific codes from the computer maker or MB manufacturer for the model that you have.

Is there an error message on the screen when it boots? If so, what is it? Does the screen display? If not, the video card may be faulty.

If it is under Warranty, please use the available support before continuing....
If the manufacturers beep codes do not help, then you may need to open the case. But first, unplug every external device and see if the problem goes away. If not then continue looking.

Open the case and reseat the RAM, HDD's, fans, etc (be careful about Static).
try again

If not, remove a RAM chip and try again, keep doing this for the other RAM chip (replacing the first pulled one), and other devices.

Post back

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A simple beep or a complex tone?

by TheChas In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

If everything seems to be working, and the sound you here is more like a siren than just a beep, the PC Health monitor on the motherboard has detected a problem.

It could be a fan spinning too slow or not at all.

A bad CPU temperature sensor.

Or a failed voltage regulator.

If you enter BIOS setup, and go to the PC health section, the source of the problem should be obvious.

You may need to replace a fan, or the motherboard.


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In addition to the above answers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

The way that the system beeps means something and since you didn't give us the makers name or M'Board maker it's hard to say for sure but here is a list of Beep Codes by BIOS Maker there are 3 different individual makes AMI. AWARD or Phoenix so you'll need to look at your BIOS to find the right maker and see what those beeps mean exactly.


If this is a new AMD build it's possible that you need to flash the BIOS to a newer version which may not currently be available but sometimes with AMD CPU's they work slightly differently and cause minor problems like an Overheat alarm to sound or something similar.

If this is an older machine that has just started acting this way there will be some sort of problem with the Hardware most likely a Fan not spinning fast enough or at all. Sometimes a Fan connector can come off the M'Board and cause this Io happen. It will require a look see to make sure that everything is properly connected and working correctly.

Lastly it's possible that the BIOS Battery is flat and has allowed the BIOS to default to it's pre installed settings and you are getting some error message telling you what isn't working correctly most likely a CPU that is not clocked correctly in BIOS or a fan not working.

The first thing to do is look up the Beep Error Codes find out what is wrong and then look to see if what the Hardware is telling you is actually no longer working. If you have the M'Board Manual still you can look up the Beep Error Codes in there and save yourself a bit of time on the net but before you even start to look you have to know what the Error Code Actually means.


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Another helpful link

by Sandcrawler In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...


Try this, theres a lot of info to trawl through but it may help. All i can say is listen carefully to the beeps then have a look at the tables and see if you can do a bit of troubleshooting.

Also, if you do have the warranty left then it may be an idea to use that for ease.

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Overheated CPU

by asdfasdf852 In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

A continuous High-Low beeping would usually mean the CPU is overheated

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Yeah, me too, but this cured it;

by abhuston In reply to MY COMPUTER KEEPS BEEP-be ...

Yeah, I was troubled by exactly the same thing. It went on and on for months and my techy friends didn't have a clue or usefull suggestion other than to wipe my C drive and reload everything over and over again. Of course this didn't help. Finaly I read this list and took out every removable card from my computer and blew the dust off and re-installed it. Lo and behold, when I started up my 'puter again, the problem had dissapeared. It was a dust particle somewhere in the connection of one of my cards.

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Beep Code:
Description of Problem:

No Beeps
Short, No power, Bad CPU/MB, Loose

One Beep
Everything is normal and Computer POSTed fine

Two Beeps

One Long Beep, One Short Beep
Motherboard Problem

One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps
Video Problem

One Long Beep, Three Short Beeps
Video Problem

Three Long Beeps
Keyboard Error

Repeated Long Beeps
Memory Error

Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps
CPU Overheating

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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