My computer keeps freezing

By married2mauro ·
please can someone help me, my computer will hard freeze when it is running for a while, then when i restart it (manually) the freezing becomes more frequent. i just built the computer and put in a hard drive that is running xp pro i have 512 mb of ram and a p4 ht processor on a matsonic motherboard. the hard drive works fine when it is used on another computer everything is brand new. nobody could help me with this so any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

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by BorgInva In reply to My computer keeps freezin ...

If it is a clean install on a new drive, there is still a slight chance Windows will mess things up, especially once updates are done or software installed. However, maybe it is hardware related. I have a few ideas but do not want to overwhelm you just yet.

Are all the fans running? Maybe did a fan get disconnected?

Try checking the temperature of the PC. Use SpeedFan.

Use the ultimate Boot Disk and run a bunch of diags on the new hard drive.

Download MemTest and let it run overnight to check for memory errors.

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check a few things

by jlouis45 In reply to My computer keeps freezin ...

While booting does your system display boot preference like two operating system option ?
Is there any other changes you made to this computer like any hardware / installing a spyware / antivirus. Try uninstalling them and then check. Also check the fan whether it is running.
When you installed the harddrive is it a primary (only drive) or is it in addition to another harddrive on your new computer. If there are two harddrives then you need to have a pin blocked for master / slave option. So your old hardrive behaves like a master and the swapped drive becomes a slave.
What is the main purpose behind this swap ? The easiest way out from this is install the harddrive you want i.e. xppro into the new system and reinstall the Operating system.

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I have problem also, but it is not the hard drive

by grey In reply to check a few things

I have a problem with my computer freezing and not starting. I know it is not my hard drive because sometimes it will not even get to the bios screen.

So it must be either the chip or the power supply right?
I have 1 fan on the chip, 2 fans in the case and 1 fan is in the power supply.

Does it make a differnce that is hot in the room the computer is in? My laptop works fine, but can a hot room (75 degrees, this is Bangkok) make a computer freeze up even if there are fans on the case?
The computer is a athlon xp 2.0 with 256mb ram, 64mb video card.

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