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My computer keeps on rebooting

By fkliford ·
A file or application (I don't really know what it is) keeps on getting access to my startup and causes my computer to reboot. I tried to delete it but it recreates itself every time after being deleted. I took a look at my startup and here what I saw:
dumprep 0 -k
Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Path: %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -k

Please help me prevent that file or application from getting access to my startup.

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by BFilmFan In reply to My computer keeps on rebo ...

Hit F8 during boot and run a Windows Reinstall.

Guides are available here for the various version of Windows. Details here:

Some more here:

Once you repair Windows, run a check for malware and spyware, tons of products out for this now. Yahoo anti-spyware, Earthlink, AdAware, McAfee, Norton, etc. Simply Google the term "anti-spyware" and you will provided tons of links.

Run a check for viruses also.

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by ReWrite In reply to My computer keeps on rebo ...

Dumprep is used by windows to create memory dumps. It is not the cause of your reboot problems. I agree with bfilmfan, do a repair install and then run an anti-virus and malware check.

You can get Adaware here:

and Spybot Search & Destroy here:

They are both free. Download them, install them, update them and then do a scan with each of them.

Post back with any further problems.



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by tigers7612 In reply to My computer keeps on rebo ...

first off, do you have dsl internet? if you do try and disable internet before you startup. then boot into safe mode and run virus scan. You might have the lsass virus that causes your mahine to reboot over and over.

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by glyall In reply to My computer keeps on rebo ...

1. run a diagnostics program
you might have a bad hard drive

2. check your capacitors next to the CPU.
If they are flat on top they are good , if not
they bad. You will have to replace the motherboard.

good luck

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by Zelimir In reply to My computer keeps on rebo ...

First check Your memory module,than go to adm. tools\services\rpc right click with mouse ,open properties\recovery and set take no action in all three cases.Also scan your comp. with some antivirus prog. If You have damaged files download utility from WWW.TREND.COM with latest file (read the manual ...) it should repair damaged files.

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