My computer keeps rebooting after the windows logo

By sponcejr ·
My Dell Optiplex GX520 keeps rebooting after the windows logo. It goes on to start up the network and then it just restarts. It does not go on to the log in screen. I ran the Dell diagnostic and it passed. Now what else should I look for. I tried on safe mode but no luck.

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Try starting in Safe Mode

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My computer keeps rebooti ...

Press the F8 Key and hold it down till the speakers start complaining after the POST Screen appears.

When you get the White on Black Screen use the arrow keys to highlight Safe Mode and then press Enter.

If it starts then you'll need to remove whatever it was that was added before the problem started and if it doesn't work you can try a Repair Install Of Windows.


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might also be worth

by NexS In reply to Try starting in Safe Mode

Doing a Chkdsk from a comamnd prompt either in safe mode or from a bootable cd (like BartPE or the like), there could be boot sector errors on your drive.

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It could be a virus or hardware failure

by ronilo_tadlejr In reply to My computer keeps rebooti ...

If you successfully entered safe mode try to scan your PC with Trendmicro System Cleaner (its free) with updated virus definitions.

if it helps then OK but if not;

Try to clean & reseat your PC memory, HDD and Video Card.

if non of these helps,

Slave your HDD to another PC then save all your important files then reformat your PC.

This should solved your problem.

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a bad driver or hardware or sector

by alashhar In reply to My computer keeps rebooti ...

the problem may occur because two things

(1) a software or new hardware or an update has been installed into your computer or windows.
to solve this problem you have to try two things

(A)press F8 when the windows start booting, and use Last Known Good configuration, if it does not work try the below.

(B)run the windows in Safe Mode by pressing F8 when the windows start booting. then remove or disable the new hardware or install or rollback the correct driver remove the new software.

(2) the hard disk has a bad sector, specially a sector that include windows boot files.
to solve this problem boot your computer with your windows CD, then select the Recovery Console option, after that use the CHKDSK command to recover the bad sector.

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usually is a virus

by notyourusual In reply to My computer keeps rebooti ...
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once again

by PurpleSkys In reply to usually is a virus

won't remove a virus

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