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My Computer Keeps Restarting

By texas_longhorns0217 ·
I recently got finished building my computer. I just bought Battlefield 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. I have tried to play both recently, but my computer has kept restarting within 5 minutes of play. Sometimes it just exit out to the dekstop and I will attempt to play again. Other times though (more frequently) it will show a blank light-blue screen, show the "blue screen of death" and restart, or restart and say, "Overclocking Failed!". It is making me mad because I haven't been able to play for mrore than 5-10 Minutes at a time. I think it could be the RAM. I have:
Asus K8V-X SE Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 2800+ (1800 mgh)
Maxtor 250 GB Hard Drive
STT R.A.M - 1 GB
Sony DRU-810A CD/DVD Drive
Raidmax 450 Watt P.S.
Windows XP Pro SP 2
Please Help Me! My dad has no idea what to do because he is used to the older computer parts!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

While it generally sounds like a software problem you could always run some diagnostic tests over the Hardware by downloading The Ultimate Boot CD from

If everything passes you could then try one of the Registry cleaners that are available but honestly Games and Windows are not a great mix as more often than not a clean installation of Windows and then the game will damage the OS.


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by AmberHaze In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

Good point re games, In our house, despite having something like 5 computers for various purposes, we do not permit the kids to load any games on any of them. That is what they have game machines for like GC, PS2, etc... Haven't come across a major game yet that they wanted that wasn't available for the game platforms... often first.

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by texas_longhorns0217 In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

I also wonder if it could be the BIOS settings becuase I am unsure what to set the settings at.

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by ctrservices In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

You did not mention your video card (which could be a factor). The following site has the requirements for this game.

Also, your CPU of 1.8 mHz is just barely inside the limits for the game requirements. And if it is not actually running up to this speed, you will receive the overclocking message you are getting. Might have to upgrade the CPU.

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by tpopoff In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

It certainly sounds like a hardware related issue. My first two thoughts would be corrupted video drivers or a bad BIOS setting. Go into the BIOS and set everything to DEFAULT (usually found on the exit page of the BIOS). Take a look for some updated video drivers as well.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

I assume that your HHD is a SATA. I have found that several ASUS MB have a problem with some of their MB's Go into BIOS and on the first page you will see the RAID mode setting for the SATA controller, it will most likely be set to RAID change it to NATIVE and your system will start normally. Contact ASUS to see if they can provide a BIOS patch to correct issue.

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by ChaosRuled In reply to My Computer Keeps Restart ...

HEHEHE! Blame it on the games. Open up your system(make sure it isn't powered) and try to rock your DDR. If it moves, remove it and re-install it in the DDR slot.
The video card is usually to blame if it isn't the ram. Try using a DDR3 card with a min of 512mb. This will "free up" the virtual bite and close any background runners(all programs seem to want a shortcut on your desktop and always run).

Another tip, cooling. Running a few extra fans in the processor zone and zone 1 usually allows you to run programs whose min req. is at the max CPU speed.
Regards, David

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