My Computer Needs Fixed

By rcballer2123 ·
So my computer is extremely messed up right now. I currently have windows xp sp3 installed but I have some serious issues. I had vista originally installed on my Acer 6930, but like many vista users I wanted something different and didn't want the expense of Win7. So I installed XP on a new partition and since then my computer has gone down hill drastically. At this point, I can't open a lot of programs and files.. I click on them and nothing happens. I also can't access task manager and other vital system resources.

What I'm thinking is that I definitely have some serious virus issues (kaspersky/avg have fixed nothing even after several scans and repairs) and probably some other problems as well. I have 3 hard drives in my laptop, C (140 gigs, where original vista was installed), D (120 gigs, mostly music) and the new partition H (20 gigs with XP on it). When I installed XP I wiped D completely clean, but didn't do this to C because it had a lot of important files/programs.

I attempted to format C: and remove everything from it. I get the following error message "You do not have sufficient rights". If I try to do this in safe mode, it tells me I'm unable to format because it is open or a program is using it or something like that. So after that I tried to just re-install XP, but now when I load it from the dvd drive, it begins installation then tells me I have a virus and it can't complete the operation.

So please anyone help!

Acer 6930 laptop. Windows XP SP3 currently and Vista Premium before that.

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I'm anyone

by santeewelding In reply to My Computer Needs Fixed

This is not, I take it, a "white box" laptop. It's the only way I would go anywhere near a laptop. But, I don't think anyone makes and sells them anymore.

In which case, you have a problem on your hands.

As probably many will tell you here, you have immediate problems with proprietary drivers for your Acer, assuming you are able to wipe the drive and reinstall something from scratch. Good luck. Your time and travail will have to be worth nothing. You will do it because you love to do it.

If you don't love to do it, you're screwed.

My condolences.

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Take a boot cd.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to My Computer Needs Fixed

One with drive tools, and a slim OS.
For reasons of licensing problems, I'm not going to recommend Hirens *hint hint*, but if youre a private person you'd probably be ok.
It has an OS running off the CD, so you can do what you will to your system HD [as it harms none].
Even repartition it.

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RE:- "You do not have sufficient rights".

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Computer Needs Fixed

Yes that is correct and if you did manage to delete/wipe/format the C Partition the system will no longer boot as the Primary Boot Files for all OS's are located in the Hardware Allocated Boot Drive/Partition.

What you need to do here is to backup your Data and then use a Wiping utility to Wipe the HDD. As this is a Acer NB it most likely only has the 1 HDD but that is partitioned into 3 different partitions and probably a Recovery Partition for the Vista Install as well. To completely wipe the entire HDD you can use a Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke

Or Kill Disc

Both are free to download and use though you may find Kill Disc easier.

Then after you have wiped the HDD you can grab your XP Install Disc and install XP to the system by inserting the XP CD into the Optical Drive and starting the system.

Please Note the Wiping Utilities treat the HDD as a Single drive no matter how many partitions it has on it. So when you start to wipe the HDD it will wipe the entire drive not just one partition. Both of the above Wiping Utilities also take several hours to complete.


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by EdLockett In reply to My Computer Needs Fixed

Simple - just insert a Windows CD and boot from it.

Any virus infecting your computer cannot be present if you boot from a CD, which is read-only.

You can re-install a fresh copy of Windows directly from the CD. You do not need to take any steps prior to this to 'wipe' or 'format'.

Make sure you back up any important data first.

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