my computer not starting

By Lucky0 ·
when I press power button in my C.P.U for starting my computer but my computer is not starting.

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by deysumeet955129 In reply to my computer not starting

u need to give some specifications.what u did the last time when u logd on to ur system.

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Check your Hardware

by aloysiusjegan In reply to my computer not starting

1. Check the SMPS
2. If that is ok, Check RAM
3. If RAM is ok, Check your Hard disk.

Some time it may be due to BIOS settings. Remove the battery and put it back after 1 min.

If it is still not working, some problem with your mother board

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Try unplugging the Mains Lead

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to my computer not starting

Then press the On Button for 10 seconds to discharge the Capacitors in the PS and on the M'Board.

Plug Back in and try turning on now. If it now starts the Capacitors int he Power Supply Unit are failing and you need to replace the Power Supply.

If it doesn't work you need to open the case and look for problems.

I do however think that you'll find that the PS has failed here and that is your main problem. Though depending on who made the PS when it failed it may very well have taken the M'Board, CPU and RAM along with it. It all depends on who made the PS here as if it is a cheap No Name one they are not correctly filtered to protect the insides of the case and they pass along any problems to the internal components. If it is a Good Name Brand PS they will take the Hit from the Mains and unless it is something severe like a Lighting Strike these will sacrifice themselves to protect the rest of the computer.


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Try this site to help diagnose the problem

by mccauley.kevinj In reply to my computer not starting

most (if not all) computers use a process called a Power On Self Test (POST for short) to boot up. This gives a diagnosis of the PC's hardware in the form of Beeps.

This site should help you make sense of the beeps (I suggest you write them down).

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