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My computer only displays 16 colors

By mitchelldrew43 ·
Were can I find update video drivers for my onboard standard vga driver-mocrosoft 4-23-99,
version #4.10.1988.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My computer only displays ...

What has happened here is that the Video Driver has been changed to the default Windows driver which works but only good enough for a basic screen display. As you have On-board video I would first look for the correct Video Driver on the M'Board CD that came with the M'Board or on the Restore Cd's that came with the system.

If you no longer have there you can always log onto the makers Web Site and download the correct drivers but to do this you'll need to know the make & Model of the M'Board if you have a White Box or the Make and Model of the Computer if you have a pre built system so if you have a Compaq Pesario 1650 you would look on the HP site for that model Compaq and download the latest video drivers. The same applies to the M'Board you can open the case and look for a makers name and model on the M'Board or the easier way is to write down the BIOS string and look up the Maker and Model of the M'Board through the BIOS makers Web Site or you can try BIOSMAN at

all that you need to identify the M'Board is the BIOS string and the BIOS makers name. Once you have found out who made the board and its Model Number or designation you can then log onto the makers web site and download the correct video driver.


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by Your Mom 2.0 In reply to My computer only displays ...

It's probably going to be necessary to open the case and see what kind of video adapter you have. Once you have that info it will be much easier to find the correct driver.

When you say "onboard" do you mean that the video is integrated into the main board? Or is the video adapter in the AGP or PCI slot?

A quick way to tell: if it's integrated, the monitor connects in the cluster close to the keyboard, mouse, etc...if on a separate card, it will be near the bottom half near the horizontal slots.

If the video is integrated, look closely at the motherboard for the manufacturer / model info that should be in comparatively big, bold type. Once you have that, go to the manufacturer's website to download the drivers. If it's an older board, keep that in mind asyou may need to browse to the "lagacy" or "discontinued" sections of the site to find the drivers.

If the video is on a separate AGP or PCI card, remove the card and write down the manufacturer and model info. and then go to the manufacturer's site for the drivers.

Not trying to be condescending here, but based on the way you phrased your question it sounds like you're not heavily experienced with IT. Sometimes those of us that are forget that not everyone is when answering these questions. Hence, my suggestions may have sounded a little basic to the hardcore techies but might not be so much to the average user.

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