"My computer" opens after a VERY long time...

By daraydarko ·
i.e if I leave it open long enough and if I try to shut it down before that,it hangs royally.
Started after I plugged in my I ipod (which didn't show up).Also I had reinstalled Windows XP.
This is what I do-
I open my computer and see a searching doesn't show drives until 25 mins or so.But when i type a destination drive in the address bar it opens up immediately.
it's annoying double clicking is far more convenient than typing the entire address.
ran antivirus a zillion times-no virus.
even ran tuneup utilities for max speed-didnt work.Everything else on my pc works just this a driver problem?or maybe some setting gone wrong?
do i need to reinstall xp?

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by mikeadams1137 In reply to "My computer" opens after ...

We need to not make assumptions and most certainly not get ahead of ourselves.

I see you just re-installed Windows XP, have you downloaded all the latest updates from Microsoft, and your respectable hardware vendors, including the latest chipset for your motherboard?

I recommend doing this. Next, you will want to boot into safe mode, *Select the F8 Key at System Start Up*...and wipe out the c:\Temp and the C:\Windows\Temp files.

Defragment your hard disks. From the COMMAND menu..*1) Start 2) Run 3) Type CMD 4) Hit Enter...

and type in chkdsk

After doing these basic steps, boot into windows, ensure you are running two spyware programs, and 1 antivirus. I recommend Spybot Search & Destroy & Adaware they are both free...and you can use AVG / Trend Micro for antivirus, and it is free as well.

It's a bit of work, but unfortunately these problems aren't designed to go away on their own.


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run scan on disk

by BizIntelligence In reply to "My computer" opens after ...

as suggested by madams97 too.

I had similar issue on my laptop. I used microsoft bootvis to find out why is it taking long time to boot. I found that it was read/write counters to disk and they were to high. So I ran chkdsk on my hdd. chkdisk found bad sectors and errors on hdd. Also, my hdd was 4500 rpm. So I bought a new hdd of 5400 rpm (these days you get 7200 rpm and if it is desktop you may get 10,000 rpm raptor drive). Since then it has been behaving well.

Cheers !

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