my computer power up but shut down after an minute no signal to moniter

By bunas ·
my computer power up and shut down after a minute and no signal to the moniter

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by Charvell In reply to my computer power up but ...

I didn't really see a question there, did you have one?

Also, please provide some more info. Does your machine shutdown following normal shut down procedure, just automatically after 1 minute of up time? Is the PC actually turning off or are you just losing picture on your monitor?

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No monitor signal

by technomad In reply to my computer power up but ...

Did it ever work? Did you recently move the PC, or add a graphics card? If you don't see the system POST (bios splash screen, etc) sounds like you may have a dedicated graphics card, but the monitor cable is still connected to the integrated VGA port (which would be disabled if you added a graphics card).

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A few things

by jgirizarry In reply to my computer power up but ...

Check the power supply, it could be overheating and shutting down. Also, check that the CPU fan is spinning and has white grease under the heatzinc.

If the PC is just shutting down the monitor signal and not the whole computer, then power is not an issue and could be the monitor.

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things to check

by yovev In reply to A few things

Before finding the shutdown problem check the monitor signal.
You don't mention is tha monitor on stand by or not powered at all? If on stand by:
If you have video controller onboard and a separate one check where the monitor is connected.
If not powered check power cords :)

For the shut down:
Check CPU for overheating. Thermal grease and air coolers.
Check PSU if working properly. Disconnect most devices and leave only coolers and the bootable HDD. Remove any PCI cards, floppy, cd rom devices etc.
Boot the machine and see what happens.
Also check the mainboard battery.

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