My Computer properties wont open. Nor will "System" in Control Panel

By baggieboy13 ·
I want to be able to open the My Computer properties on my computer desktop and start menu and in the folder but i am unable to do so. the computer loads for a second, but no box appears.
i tried going in through Control Panel but when i clicked System & Display, nothing happened what so ever.
i have performed a virus scna, but there are no viruses.
the little computer icon that represents the My Computer button is no longer visible either. spo what i mean is, the writing is there, but the computer picture isnt
now ive just discovered nothing happens when i right click an empty space on my desktop and click properties!!!

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Do you mean the 'My Computer' icon on your desktop?

by Ron K. In reply to My Computer properties wo ...

Or the one that appears when you click 'Start'?<br>
If it's the one on your Desktop try these instructions: <br>
You could also try doing a System Restore, if you have it turned on:

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Its not the icon thats the problem

by baggieboy13 In reply to Do you mean the 'My Compu ...

im not really fussed about the icon tbh. i just want to be able to open Properties for My Computer and the Display and System

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Did you try a System Restore?

by Ron K. In reply to Its not the icon thats th ...

If not, why not?

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It wont let me do a system restore

by baggieboy13 In reply to Did you try a System Rest ...

I tried to do it, but i cant create a system restore point to do a system restore

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You don't want to 'create' a restore point.

by Ron K. In reply to It wont let me do a syste ...

You want to restore to a previous restore point, something before when you started having problems. <br>
I doubt that you'll be able to. <br>
You have more patience with your problems than I'd have. I'd have saved all of my data to some form of media and started from square one by now. I make images of my hard drive for that very reason. Fifteen minutes and I'm back to a fully working installation with all of my programs and data just the way that I like them.<br>
Good luck with your problems.

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Can you run Regedit?

by seanferd In reply to My Computer properties wo ...

If so, look here:

And make sure the items aren't disabled under System or Explorer. If you have a Professional version of this OS (XP?), you can check this via group policy.

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Thank you, seanferd

by santeewelding In reply to Can you run Regedit?

I have been following this one (with my left hand, while carrying on conversations with my right, I admit).

I am struck by his report that a virus scan showed there are no viruses -- as opposed to, no reported viral infection.

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