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My computer quit

By gameboygeek46 ·
I have a white box computer that just quit it powers up and makes the drives light up but the scrren doesnt show up and it doesnt boot. I changed the proceesor the cable the cd-rom the floppy the memory and everything and it doesnt still work my mointor works on my laptop so it isnt my laptop i have 2 computers doing this i tried everything.

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by DouglasB In reply to My computer quit

Is your video card on-board or stand alone? You say it makes the drives light up, can you hear the hard drive spin up?

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by dmiles In reply to My computer quit

It sounds like the power supply it bad,you can check the PS with a volt meter to see if the correct voltage is being supplied.

Check the memory modules to insure they are seated correctly,then check the video card by repalcing with another one

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by zlitocook In reply to My computer quit

Remove every thing but the floppy drive and cable, video card, cpu and memory. Have the keyboard and mouse plugged in and as it boots up can you see the bios loading? If so then add one thing at a time, hard drive reboot the cdrom reboot ect. If it will not boot with every thing removed buy a cheap power supply and try that if not the mother board is bad. Be sure to try the different ide connectors too, I had a system that did the same thing because once the signal was sent to the first drive it shut the system down.

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