My computer screen is black! what to do?

By GonMe ·
I saw a video on Youtube how to upgrade my 1gb RAM into 2gb
Now I wanted to upgrade mine so I can play sims 3 and When I saw there was a compartment for the Ram and I could easily access it. I was so curious that I opened my own Toshiba Nb405 netbook , similar to the video I took out the batteries and the cables and took out the RAM and examined it then I placed it back in. Now when I start it Up the screen just goes black! Help please!

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Take it back apart and try again.

by seanferd In reply to My computer screen is bla ...

You haven't connected something properly. Probably the video output to screen.

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by dogknees In reply to My computer screen is bla ...

Try removing the new RAM and see if you can get it back to original setup. I also agree with seanferd, check those little cables carefully.

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Most likely the RAM itself is not seated properly

by robo_dev In reply to My computer screen is bla ...

There is also the possibility that either the motherboard, the RAM, or both have been destroyed by Electro Static Discharge (ESD). Ideally, the laptop should be placed on a ESD grounding mat and the technican should be wearing a ESD wrist strap to ground him or herself.

Of course the lazy way to do that is to first touch something grounded, like a non-painted center screw of an electrical outlet cover, then touch a grounding point on the device itself.

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