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My computer turn on (power) by itself.

By ltchang ·
My OS is Win-XP Home. My computer automatically turn on at 9:00 am every day. How can I stop this. Thanks.

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by willcomp In reply to My computer turn on (powe ...

Look in BIOS settings for a timed startup. That's likely where the "problem" is.


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by willcomp In reply to

Got your message. See link below. No need repeating readily available information.


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by ltchang In reply to

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by dmiles In reply to My computer turn on (powe ...

The option should be available in the BIOS/CMOS settings, within the 'Power Management'
>menu. Look for a setting relating to restarting the computer in case of power failure.

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by glyall In reply to My computer turn on (powe ...

check Scheduled Tasks
from Start > All Programs > Accessories >
System Tools > Scheduled Tasks
see if a task is there that could be causing it.

good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My computer turn on (powe ...

While the previous answers are the most likely there is one other possibility and that is the Mains power in your area.

If you have any heavy industry around or a lot of AC units near you when these switch on they can cause a momentary drop in power and cause the computer to switch on at that time as this is restricted to a certain time only if there is no timed startup programed in this is the most likely explanation of what is happening.

The cure is really simple as well just place a decent filter in between the computer and mains or better still a UPS and this will prevent the problem. If there is a major voltage drop the only option will be a UPS or a cheaper option would be to unplug the computer when not in use at least that way if you are out and there is a severe electrical storm you will have your computer protected as well so it is a good idea but if you use the latter remember to disconnect the modem as well because you do not want a massive voltage surge coming in over the modem line and destroying the computer. This is quite often an over looked thing.

Lets know if that was of any help.


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by kawarimi In reply to My computer turn on (powe ...

check your BIOS setting, in the power management section (might different for some other mainboard manufacturers), there should have an option for "wake-on-real-time-clock", disable this would do the job. I used to have my own PC in my room to hibernate while playing songs and wake on real time to work as my alarm, (feeling abit wasting resource huh?)

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by ltchang In reply to My computer turn on (powe ...

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