My computer turns off and restarts straight away

By JordanC92 ·
Ok so my sisters computer kept on overheating and she needed to keep an extra fan blowing on the CPU to keep it running but then that stopped working. I took the CPU fan off and it was extremely dusty so i cleaned it all out and still no luck. I then redone the thermal paste on the CPU fan and it worked. I then turned it off to go do something else and when i came back it was just overheating again. So i took the power block out and cleaned that out because that was also very dusty but still no luck. Also i think i might have put a wire in wrong because it loads up about 7 seconds in and then just cuts out but unlike when it overheats it will restart by itself and keep going to the same place.
Would really appreciate if somebody could try and help on both problems.

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Overall, it should not take extraordinary measures to cool a PC

by robo_dev In reply to My computer turns off and ...

Is the power supply fan running?

Are these fans all going in the proper direction? (a fan rotating backwards moves little air).

Are there adequate openings in the case for the air to enter the computer?

How many hard drives?

How warm is the surrounding air? Is this in a bakery or something?

How do you know it's overheating? Is it giving a beep code or message about that? If it's just shutting off, it may not be due to overheating.

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Could be a faulty PS here as well

by OH Smeg In reply to My computer turns off and ...

The cycling through a power on Power Off back to on tends to point to the PS being overloaded shutting down and then restarting.

This can be caused by the Capacitors in the PS going off and no longer offering the required capacitance to the Electrolytic Capacitors on the M'Board around the CPU failing. Though if you don't know what you are looking for it's easier to change the Power Supply with a Known Good one to see if that helps.

If you know what to look for look at the Electrolytic Capacitors around the CPU and check for Bulging or leakage. If this is apparent the M'Board needs replacing.


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