My Computer Turns off Right after Windows load?

By IxPauloxI ·
Hello Mates,
I'm with a serious problem. I built a new computer for about 2 months ago. It use to
work totally Fine. But, 3 days ago, it started to have a very frustrating problem.
What happens is that, I turn on the computer, then windows load, and instead of letting
me put my password, it just turns off. The white light on the top of my PC is still
shinning, but the monitor do not receive any signal and the PC basically turned off and
continues with the Light. Sometimes, I can put my password, and then it happens to "turn off". Sometimes, I can keep my PC on for 5 minutes before it happens.
I already know that it isn't my monitor, because I tested with 2 different ones on different
machines and they worked.
I already tried to Repair (By pressing desperately F8 when the PC boots) and tried to
load an old PC (I don't know hot to say that in english, I tried to make the PC one day
ago, like, load the files from one day ago). Also no solution.
Already tried to run on SafeMode, and it Runs completely fine.
I Talked to a friend and he told me that he think I should do a back up and format the
I'd like to know your opinions, because, of course, you guys are more acknowledged than me and know about this stuff. I'm running a windows 7.
I also have 2 coolers on my PC, so I don't think it is overheating the pieces.
Thank's for the help

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Computer Shut Down

by dmiles In reply to My Computer Turns off Rig ...

I would check the power supply to make sure you have enough power or supply has not gone bad without the system configuration its difficult to tell what may be a power overload, start loading the system with the minimum hardware
Check the memory one stick at a time

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You could also try a Boot Disc and see if the problems continue

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Computer Turns off Rig ...

That at the very least will tell you if it is hardware or software causing the problem. If the thing runs fine with a Boot Disc in it but turns off on Windows it's Software but if it also turns off with a Boot Disc it' defiantly a Hardware Problem.

Any Live Linux will do to test the Hardware and if necessary allow you to backup your Data or you could use The Ultimate Boot CD available free here

Or you could use one of the listed Live Linix Distributions available free here


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Could it be the power supply box?

by Kimberly7344 In reply to My Computer Turns off Rig ...

If you can get a hold of a Multimeter tester, unplug your computer and test the power supply cords. They should be getting 12 or around 12 (no less than 10) volts. If this doesnt work, make sure your motherboard is the right form for the wattage or output you have installed. The more devices hooked to your computer, the higher CPU you will need.

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