My Computer turns on but does not boot.

By eldoncarpenter32 ·
My computer turns on but does not boot. There is also no beeping sounds coming from the speaker. I think it might be something to do with the fact that the power supply I am using with the Motherboard hasn't got a four pin connector. However, the fan on the cpu spins, a little green light on the motherboard turns on and a light on the graphics card turns on. I also cannot see anything on the screen if I plug the monitor in.

Any help would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My Computer turns on but ...

[pre] I think it might be something to do
with the fact that the power supply I am
using with the Motherboard hasn't got a four
pin connector. [/pre]

Hmmmmmmm..... do you think it could be that something IMPORTANT isn't plugged in?

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by tiagovalebarbosa In reply to My Computer turns on but ...

the 4 pin connector is 12V aditional it could be it. But can you tell me what kind of beep do you speaker do? is it just a beep, or there is more than one? Usually when the speaker beeps it's because there is an hardware error, like graphic card or RAM memory. But it could be the power supply, i don't know what's the power of your power supply, but the core2dual processor need a 600Watts of power suplly

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Try taking out ram

by TG2 In reply to My Computer turns on but ...

Try taking out your RAM, and see if you get a BEEP code then ... if you get beeps then, you are at least getting past the ram check, and should try taking out your video ... these are things to try to force the computer to give you an audible..

also reseat CPU, ram, video, and any other cards or addapters, unplug everything to go to a bare system (no drives, no cards other than video and ram, see if boots then)

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Still nothing.

by eldoncarpenter32 In reply to Try taking out ram

I've taken out everything but the graphics card and the ram, and it still didn't work. The motherboard has onboard graphics and I tried that and it didn't work. There is no beep, which is why I am concerned. What exactly does the 4-pin 12V connector do? I think that might be the problem, but I need to be certain because I don't have much money and buying a new power supply for nothing isn't high on my list of things to do.

Thanks again.

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4pin - atx add on - may be required

by TG2 In reply to Still nothing.

the 4pin is an ATX specification, estimated that the standard 20 pin wasn't enough to bring power to the board.

your mainboard may or may not require. what computer shop resources do you have available to you? ie. do you have a local store that has techs to help you troubleshoot with their parts?

And I re-read the original question.. and didn't see info about if this is a new build or suddenly you just turned it on and it was like this.. etc...

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New Build.

by eldoncarpenter32 In reply to 4pin - atx add on - may b ...

This is a new build, using old spare parts I had lying around the house. So the 4-pin plug should bring it back on to working status? The motherboard turns on, the fans start spinning without the 4-pin plug. So, does that mean the 4-pin brings the rest of it on, rather than just fans and lights?

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Pins provide additional but not key

by TG2 In reply to New Build.

the 4 pins provide additional power to the board rather than try to suck all the current through the 20 pins.

It may or may not solve the problem.

I would start looking to friends or open support locally.. see if anyone can allow you to borrow their power supply for a few minutes.. usually you don't have to pull the whole power supply out from one case, just get it close enough and run the cords if you can..

but also.. when you turn it on, do any other lights come on solid? Like the IDE light which might come on for a second but should blink off more than on during a system boot ... of course if you disconnected all other cables (ide/sata/floppy) this would not have stopped it booting if one of those devices were holding the system from boot ...

the spare parts.. does that include cpu and memory and mainboard ? or were some of them purchased new?

It would come back to probably trial and error part swaping.. power supply might do.. but this could also be board, and cpu related.. so.. good luck finding parts from friends or a shop locally that will work with you to solve it ... not having additional working parts makes it hard to go further.

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Spare Parts

by eldoncarpenter32 In reply to Pins provide additional b ...

The spare parts include all things excluding the hard drives and optical drives. It does not boot at all with trial and error swapping. I think it must be the power supply, unless the cpu or something is stuffed, but wouldn't that mean that the fan doesn't spin? I'll have to check about the IDE lights.

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Sorry, but fans spin.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Spare Parts

Fans spin if they have power, with or without a cpu. The two are not necessarily related. If the cpu was "stuffed", it would not necessarily mean the fan stops.

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by eldoncarpenter32 In reply to My Computer turns on but ...

Even the fan on the cpu? I would have thought if the cpu wasn't working then the fan on it also wouldn't work.

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