My computer will not continue to run.

By jewelsheam ·
I have a laptop which is not running right. If I don't run any program it will stay on and go off no problem. However, if you are running a program, it will run very well for about 15 minutes and then it will hang. Actually the program gets like this white hue to it and you can't do anything else with it. The computer will not turn off and I have to force it to turn off. It will not complete a virus scan or a spybot scan in normal mode. I ran both programs in safe mode and it found nothing except some annoyance programs with spybot. When I rebooted the computer it did the same thing again. I deleted the prefetch file that was new, but that did nothing. I turned off every nonessential start up, but that didn't help. The computer has run scan disk and it keeps taking out some mss.log and some other .log (sorry I didn't get the name of that one) and then recovers it. I can even tell the moment when whatever it is gets loaded into the computer because the screen goes black and the mouse curser move to the middle of the screen. I am very frustrated and would like some help. I would not like to have to return everything to specs. Oh, also, I think my daughter may have downloaded this virus from limewire because she couldn't get the computer to run long enough to be able to take out the program. You know we parent do not know what we are talking about when we tell them that they are going to download a virus. Thank you for any help

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Try this

by JamesRL In reply to My computer will not cont ...

Turn off system restore, then boot into safe mode and run your anti virus and antispyware. You may also want to try more than one antispyware - I use two Spybot Search and Destroy and Adaware, as sometimes one will find somthing the other doesn't.

There are forums where they specialize in this kind of thing, generally they use Hijack this which creates quite a detailled log.

Hope that helps.


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If it's a virus...

by dpalsen In reply to My computer will not cont ...

Then most likely the other post will take care of it. It honestly sounds more like an overheating issue to me, if it won't complete anything at all. How old is the laptop? If it's fairly new, there's a chance that you may be able to look at core temperatures in the BIOS. Otherwise, sadly, there's not much you'll be able to do.

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I looked into it further.

by jewelsheam In reply to If it's a virus...

I watched my task manager and notice that the Windows Search Indexer was running and when I would turn it off in the task manager it would immediately turn itself back on. When I stopped the service and then turned it off. I was able to use my laptop. Is there anyway that the search indexer could have gotten corrupted or something?

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