My computer will not read some older Floppy disks

By River Queen ·
I have several older floppy disks I am trying to get information off of and the disk is in the floppy drive, but it keeps asking me to insert the floppy drive like it is not reading it.

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Well, it's probably not detecting the floppy disks...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to My computer will not read ...

Most likely they've degraded over time & the floppy drive can no longer see any data on them....sometimes you can recover data using a "recovery" program but I wouldn't count on it.

Check this site out....


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When you say "older floppy disks" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My computer will not read ...

Because ALL floppy disks are gonna be fairly old now, just how old do they have to be to be OLDER?

Do you know what FORMAT these floppies are? Are there letters printed on the metal slider?

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Well that is not uncommon at all

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My computer will not read ...

Depending on the length of time since the Floppy as last written to the Magnetic Signal copied to them does degrade over time.

Just like a Music Cassette they start to sound dull and then eventually stop working. Of course the better that you store then the longer they will last but there is a finite life of those. Just as there is a Finite Life for Recorded CD's and I suppose DVD's.

Kodak recommend that you rerecord your Picture CD's at the 5 year mark to ovoid loosing the pictures. Of course that depends on how well the Disc's are stored as they can be destroyed in under an hour if left in direct sunlight.

The same applies to Floppies if you expose them to a Magnetic Field they will start to degrade and the stronger the field the faster that they loose both the formatting and data.

The other thing I have noticed recently is a lot of Floppy Drives that are little used have failed when I stick a Floppy into them these days. So it may also be a good idea to check your Floppy Drive for correct Function. I have several computers that simply can no longer read floppies so instead of just caring floppies with me I also carry a new Floppy Drive in my Tool Kit to overcome this Issue.



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Older floppy disks

by Ashley mason In reply to My computer will not read ...

Download CPM emulators and converters from CPM to DOS you can also be lucky if your PC runs CPM 80 or CPM 86.

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