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    my computer will not stop beeping


    by yellow5roses ·

    i have an emachine T-32092 it’s a few years old. I added a new hard drive (WD Caviar SE) and the first time I turned my computer on, it asked for a password. Someone told me to reset the cmos battery on the hard drive, so I did, now the computer will not stop beeping. How do I fix this?

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      by yellow5roses ·

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      You’re having a bad dream !! ~ WAKEN UP !! …

      by older mycroft ·

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      There’s a few things you’ve got to get straight here:

      #1 Hard drives don’t have CMOS batteries.
      #2 If the hard drive is asking for a password it is not new, it has been used before.
      #3 If the hard drive is the cause of the problem – remove it.
      #4 The beeping noise is the sound of your alarm clock!

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      Are the “beeps” short/long or just one long beep?.

      by Anonymous ·

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      You will have to be specific.
      Do you know the make of your motherboard so that i can check which kind of bios you have, this will make it easier for me to give you the right answer. Below is a example:

      AMI BIOS Beep Codes:

      1 short: DRAM refresh failure:
      The programmable interrupt timer or programmable interrupt controller has probably failed

      2 short: Memory parity error:
      A memory parity error has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad

      3 short: Base 64K memory failure:
      A memory failure has occurred in the first 64K of RAM. The RAM IC is probably bad

      4 short: System timer failure:
      The system clock/timer IC has failed or there is a memory error in the first bank of memory

      5 short: Processor error:
      The system CPU has failed

      6 short: Gate A20 failure:
      The keyboard controller IC has failed, which is not allowing Gate A20 to switch the processor to protected mode. Replace the keyboard controller

      7 short: Virtual mode processor exception error:
      The CPU has generated an exception error because of a fault in the CPU or motherboard circuitry

      8 short: Display memory read/write error:
      The system video adapter is missing or defective

      9 short: ROM checksum error:
      The contents of the system BIOS ROM does not match the expected checksum value. The BIOS ROM is probably defective and should be replaced

      10 short: CMOS shutdown register read/write error:
      The shutdown for the CMOS has failed

      11 short: Cache error:
      The L2 cache is faulty

      1 long, 2 short: Failure in video system:
      An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered

      1 long, 3 short: Memory test failure:
      A fault has been detected in memory above 64KB

      1 long, 8 short: Display test failure:
      The video adapter is either missing or defective

      2 short: POST Failure:
      One of the hardware testa have failed

      1 long:
      POST has passed all tests

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        This might cure it quickly…

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to Are the “beeps” short/long or just one long beep?.

        Pull out the bios battery and pull out the power lead, wait 30 seconds then attach the power lead and switch on. Does it beep now?. If not replace the bios battery and reconfigure your bios, I:E date, time etc. Hope this helps you.

        Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Well I’m only guessing here as HDD’s don’t have CMOS Batteries

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to my computer will not stop beeping

      So I’m assuming that you removed the M’Board Battery and now it is making a Beeping Noise.

      As stated above it all depends on what type of BIOS you have here as to what the beeps actually mean you can full a full Beep Error Code here

      However when you remove the BIOS Battery you loose the saved settings in the BIOS so if there is a incorrect setting here like the CPU Speed or the amount of RAM Fitted you will get an Error Message in the form of Beeps from the On Board Speaker or Front Panel Speaker depending on who made the computer & or M’Board that you have.

      After removing the BIOS Battery you need to go back into the BIOS and reset it for your Hardware so enter BIOS by pressing the correct Key this should be shown on the POST Screen and be something along the lines of Press Delete to Enter BIOS or something like that and then you need to set the Time & Date in BIOS and set it to Default Settings at the very least. When this is done you need to save the changes on Exit and allow the system to reboot.

      If it is still making a Beeping Noise you will need to refine the BIOS Settings somewhat and here the Destruction Manual that came with the computer is your best place to look for directions. If you no longer have the Destruction Manual you can download a copy from E Machines in this case it is available here

      Or if that doesn’t work there is a link tot he User Manual here

      The other thing that may be a problem is that this has a marginal Power Supply fitted and the Power Supply may now be overloaded with the addition of a extra HDD. E-Machines have always had the problem of marginal Power Supplies and it’s a good idea to replace the existing one with a better one before it destroys the entire computer when it fails.


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