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My computer won't start

By rameshmahalingam05 ·
This is what is happening:
I have a pc powered by AMD processor. I have an UPS through which I power the PC.

I switch on the power supply. Next I switch on the UPS. As soon I switch on the UPS, the green light glows in my PC and motherboard without having to press the power switch on the PC. At this point, the fan is not running, the PC is not booting up. Next I press the power switch on my PC. Now the fan runs, monitor LED light (green) just keeps blinking, no display of anything. After a few seconds, I hear 2 beeps and then nothing happens. The fan keeps running.

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by jgeldenhuys In reply to My computer won't start

If it's 2 short beeps, check your memory, take them out and reseat them.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to My computer won't start

This sounds like it is failing in the POST system of the BIOS. Try turning the UPS on first THEN turn on the PC, if theat does not fix matters check that the HDD, RAM and CPU are all properly installed and working OK, especially CPU fan. Sometimes these things work loose. Turn off system, unplug and replug them.

If still no go, can you try known working items from another machine, eg swap out the power supply or RAM, or CPU etc to try elsewhere or others to try in this?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My computer won't start

Firstly you should turn on the UPS first and allow it to settle down with a reliable Power Output instead of turning on the computer first and allowing any surges to go into the computer when you start the UPS.

The 2 Beeps mean something and this varied depending on what the beeps are and what BIOS is used for a full list of Beep Error Codes look here and look up you BIOS Brand to get the correct information as to what is going wrong in the POST.

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by ComputerCookie In reply to My computer won't start

Before you do anything else, please plug the computer into the wall, then see what happens!

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