My Cricket broadband UM185c USB internet connection drops constantly,why?

By grandmother10 ·
I have a Cricket broadband USB uM185C internet connection and it drops constantly! I'm more offline than online and I'm furious!
Any help out there?

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by santeewelding In reply to My Cricket broadband UM18 ...

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The most likely reason is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Cricket broadband UM18 ...

Because you are using a USB Device to connect to the Net. These have by their very nature limited abilities so if you are in a marginal Signal Area they can be Iffy at best.

As this device can swivel through 90 Degrees I would try in in a different plain or if that doesn't work plug it into a USB Extension lead and try it in different locations till you get a better signal/reception.

It's no good being furious as it does nothing to improve the situation you need to work out why this is happening and then take steps to prevent it. I've seen cases where the construction of the dwelling that you some people live in causes this to happen things like Aluminum Siding can cause this or Metal Frames of buildings.

Of course it's always possible that the device itself is failing and needs replacing but you start off with the obvious things first and that is look at the signal strength and work from there.


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This happened to me too

by greendaisy25 In reply to My Cricket broadband UM18 ...

I know how you feel. I just ended up getting a new cricket broadband, but meanwhile I had the broadband I did this:
1. left my laptop on top of something sturdy, like a desk.
2. Did not move or touch my broadband, that may be causing the disconnection.

If none of the above work then i think its tijme for you to go with a different company or get a new broadband, and it costs $50 without insurance.

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