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My data recovery business story

By hddfixer ·
Hello everyone, my name is Chez Ludovic J., the following is my story to set up my own data recovery business.

I am one self-employed data recovery engineer and I was actually a ?baby? sleeper after my university graduation. My major was business and economics. I was thinking to make good money by the major, the reality is disappointing and I even didn?t know where my future was and how should I survive the competition and feed myself. I lost myself for a long time, nothing to do, nothing to care, living like a beggar and still being supported by parents which was also a great shame to me. You never know how bad it was!

One day, my friend Jose asked me to go with him and see his Chinese girl friend?s pictures in his computer, I was exciting about that because I love Chinese culture as well and many friends who have went to China told me Chinese girls are charming and amazing! Unfortunately Jose was crying when he tried to open his computer, his computer was dead, he was thinking he lost his beautiful memories with his girl friend and I suffered a great pity too. We checked and searched the internet for several days and finally decided to find some local data recovery companies to get the data back.

We asked many data recovery companies in my city, for most of them, they charge too high for the data recovery, varying from USD300 to USD1200. I remember it was one Seagate Barracuda 400 GB Internal hard drive and only 20GB around of pictures, only pictures I wanted. It was crazy prices for us just after graduation. But to recover the data is a must for my friend. We finally found one small data recovery company with one marketing and one engineer and some data recovery tools, we agreed on USD280 to recover the data for us on the spot.

The data recovery engineer told us he needed to repair the hard drive using their magic HDD repair tool, we didn?t know what magic tool he was using in the beginning because he was in a so called ?clean room?. It was after about one hour, the engineer told us to pay because he has got all the photos back, they just told us it?s their magic in-house hdd repair solution.

After that, I found hdd repair and data recovery very interesting and amazing, that engineer used one hour and earned my friend?s USD280. It?s just that event that changed my life. I began to learn data recovery and hdd repair and I was focusing on the data recovery from hard drives. The second step I did is to download a lot of free data recovery software and test them, I wrote down what solutions each data recovery software can do, I learnt ?freeware solves problems too?! I began to set up some confidence and feel my life was turning better and richer! At least I was learning and improving every day!

I was trying to contact different manufacturers of data recovery software and hardware solutions and see if they are able to provide me with demo versions or demo data recovery tools. At the same time, I helped my friends and relatives to repair their computers and recover their data with my accumulated data recovery resources. After about half one year, I had a good data base of firmware, key modules of drives, second-hand hard drives and I even began to get some pay from my work. Therefore, I decided to open a real data recovery business and was seeking the best data recovery solutions, both hardware and software solutions. When I met some difficult cases, I gave them to the data recovery company who has helped the recovery for my friend. As time went by, I finally figured out the so called ?in-house? hdd repair tool is called HD Doctor for Seagate. That data recovery company is especially good at Seagate hdd repair and data recovery.

In order to give my customers a higher level of hdd repair and data recovery services, I decided to buy HD doctor for Seagate too and at the same time, I bought HD Doctor for Western Digital, Hitachi and Maxtor. They have almost the same concept of repairing hard drives. My business was better and better but the new problem occurred as well for some new hdd repair and data recovery cases. That?s the data recovery from dead hard drives due to head damage and motor failure. I therefore bought another hdd repair tool-HD HPE PRO from the same data recovery manufacturer. Plus with my other data recovery software like R-studio, Ontrack windows data recovery software and even my free data recovery software, I am now able to do a good data recovery job for my clients. I usually get 40 data recovery cases each month so far and I can recover successfully about 20-32 cases on average, 30% logical data recovery with software and 50% with my magic ?hdd repair suite? including hd doctors and HD HPE PRO.

I am planning to join one advanced data recovery training provided by the data recovery manufacturer of the hdd repair suite and also going to order more advanced data recovery and hdd repair hardware solutions.

By the way, I am from Cape Town, if you are out of South Africa, you can contact me for any question about starting data recovery business. I will be happy to make friends worldwide.

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Thanks for sharing

by jkameleon In reply to My data recovery business ...

I'm playing with similar idea. If I ever lose my job, I'll probably try computer/data archeology- salvaging data from ancient media in ancient formats.

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Data Recovery center

by itsource In reply to My data recovery business ...

Hi Chez
I have similar plans of setting up a data recovery business I am based in Zambia. I guess I could use your expertise and knowledge on the needs requirements to start up. My name is Danny Zimba

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