My Dell Inspiron 8500 Won't Charge

By shelliegirl5 ·
Lately I have been having difficulties getting my Dell Inspiron 8500 to either run on its AC adapter or to get its battery to charge. Now, because my battery has been fully decharge, I can't even get my computer to turn on. I suspect that its not the battery or the AC adapter but something else within the actual computer. Any suggestions? I seriously have no idea what I am doing...

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Need more info... PLZ!

by internetspider In reply to My Dell Inspiron 8500 Won ...

When you are connected with AC is the system starting? and not charging..

and when you remove it from AC power and the battery is connected. its mean your battery is not charging u need to change or return if it is under warranty.

And if the system has no power while connecting with Directly AC you need to check your A/C Adapter If you have Multi tester check the output voltage in DC PIN.
If it is showing 19 volts. then the fault is in your laptop.
Also remove battery pack from your Laptop and connect it directly to A/C power and check.

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"remove battery pack from your Laptop and connect it directly to A/C power"

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need more info... PLZ!

Are you mad !?

What would you hope to achieve other than a loud noise and a burning aroma?

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RE: need more info

by shelliegirl5 In reply to Need more info... PLZ!

my computer won't start with the AC adapter plugged in nor will it charge my battery (even if the computer is off). i've checked the AC adapter and it works just fine and the battery is good. it's something within the computer...

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Ignoring 'Internet Spider's' ludicrous suggestion...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Dell Inspiron 8500 Won ...

I think the AC input socket on your NB has given up the ghost.

These sockets can wear out over time, but usually fail due to some form of trauma suffered while the AC power cord was attached to the laptop - like a fall or a very bad bump.

If it is still under warranty you can return it for repair - a repair that usually involves the replacement of the motherboard.

NOTE: if you send it back under warranty there is a strong chance the harddrive will be wiped clean in the process, having been either replaced or HAD to be reinstalled due to a revision of available motherboards being incompatible with the existing installed system.

If it is no longer covered by warranty I STRONGLY suggest you take it to a computer technician for repair. He/She may be able to solder a new connector socket onto the motherboard depending on the complexity of the connection and / or the extent of the damage.

Either way - it is in need of expert attention.

Good luck.

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Check a couple of things first.

by The_Fixer In reply to Ignoring 'Internet Spider ...

Before taking this to a technician I would check a few things.

1) Check the light on the AC adapter. If the light is not lit or lights for a brief second then fades, you have a bad AC adapter. This is a common issue with the Dell PA-10 series of adapters.

2) If the laptop will not power up even with a green light on the adapter than chances are that you do indeed have a power connector issue on the system board. A system board from Dell plus the installation will be very costly and might even cost as much as a new one. Some third-party sites do sell "Refurbished" parts at a much lower cost but you will have to very careful about who you buy from.

If this laptop still carries a valid warranty contact Dell for assistance. You can go to and find your support options including chat and phone support. You can use these resources even if the equipment is not under warranty. They will at least help you to troubleshoot the issue.

Hope this helps.

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RE: check a couple of things first...

by shelliegirl5 In reply to Check a couple of things ...

yeah i figured that it was my connector. i called dell and i decided it would just be easier to have them deal with it...i know very expensive. thanks for your help.

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RE: ignoring...

by shelliegirl5 In reply to Ignoring 'Internet Spider ...

thanks for the advice. i called dell and i'm sending it in...yeah i know super expensive. i will probably have to have my motherboard replaced. do you know of any other computer technicians that could possibly fix my computer for less than what dell is charging me? sorry i had to ask.

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Phone numbers and Addresses in San Diego...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RE: ignoring...

Haven't checked their prices, my telephone call would probably cost more!

Dell Repair

7845 Camino Huerta
San Diego, CA 92122, USA
+1 619-251-0365

Or this has lots of 'local' numbers where you are:,%20CA/page1.html

I'll bet you most of them will undercut Dell's standard price. You may even find someone who might be prepared to fix it with judicious soldering work (without the cost of a new motherboard).

Good luck!

<Edited for typos>

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My Dell Inspiron 8500 Won't Charge

by edwin_mrx7 In reply to My Dell Inspiron 8500 Won ...

I just ran into this problem. The reason why it does not charges is because the power jack connector has gone bad. You can purchase another on ebay for under $15.00. The only part that stinks is that you will have to remove the old one of your motherboard and solder the new one. If you do not feel comfortable soldering you can take it to a local electronic shop and see how much they will charge. I did the job myself and it took me 2 hrs to remove the DC power jack from the motherboard. You have to be patient in order not burn the board.

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