My Dell Monitor is down

By steelrain311 ·
The power button flashes green to yellow to blank. I restarted my computer and the monitor stopped working.

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Check with another Monitor

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Dell Monitor is down

To see if the problem is the Monitor or the computer.

Modern Monitors are not worth repairing as the costs of Parts and Labor in fitting them often comes close or exceeds the cost of a replacement Monitor.

I paid for one 20 inch Monitor to be repaired which worked for 20 minutes before it died again. For the cost of the 2 repairs of the same monitor I could have bought 1.8 new Monitors and had a Warranty on the new one so if it failed they would Repair/Replace it at no expense to me.


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worked for 20 minutes?

by .Martin. In reply to Check with another Monito ...

was it the same problem that got the screen twice?

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No unfortunately it wasn't

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to worked for 20 minutes?

Originally the Monitor took a Power Spike which killed it. After the Agent Repaired the Power Supply Circuits it worked.

Then when I got it back after 20 minutes of working the Horizontal Hold fell Over and the Picture reduced to little more than a Line through the Middle of the screen.

Probably damaged by the same power spike but when it works after you replace something you tends to stop changing things that may need replacing. Well at least I do if they are not broken I don't change them unless directed to by the customer and even then I might suggest that they are wasting their money.


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Bit like my on-site warranty with MESH eh ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No unfortunately it wasn' ...

Three on-site call outs in one year:

#1 Replaced the 500GB HDD and RAM
#2 Replaced the motherboard and RAM
#3 Replaced the 250GB HDD and reinstalled XP Pro.

On each of these visits the Tech came with a new PSU but never bothered to replace it. Ended up with the whole PC case being returned to MESH, where they replaced the PSU alone.

Touch wood - after almost a year of intermittent problems and 3 on-site call outs, a single RTB and the system has been fine for the last 7 months.

Maybe I'm pushing my luck by posting this ...

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I will give it

by .Martin. In reply to Bit like my on-site warra ...

till the end of the week...

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Thanks for that. {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I will give it
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These questions, I would simple love to say

by CG IT In reply to My Dell Monitor is down

buy a new monitor. if that doesn't work, buy a new video card, if that doesn't work, buy a new computer, if that doesn't work, give up.....


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Give up?

by .Martin. In reply to These questions, I would ...

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