My Dell XPS M140 got wet and won't turn on.

By kuracz ·
I was browsing the internet when a glass of water spilled on my Laptops, Dell XPS M140, keyboard. Immediately, I turned it off and dried the keyboard with my T-Shirt to get all the water off of it. After that I put it under a fan for about 40 minutes before I tried to turn it on.

Unfortunately I turned it on and it did not work. After I tried 3 times the screen would not turn on but the power light did. After that I took off the battery and left it on the fan again. I will leave it to dry for a couple of days before I try again.

Are there any recommendations of what I should do? After I wait a couple of days and it does not turn on what should I do? I hope my computer will be able to work afterwards.

I will post again if my laptop does or does not turn on afterwards.

Thanks, Gaston.

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Gravity was your biggest enemy here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Dell XPS M140 got wet ...

When the water spilled onto your laptop's keyboard it most likely went further DOWN through the chassis than just sitting on the keyboard membrane.

If ANY of it dripped through onto the motherboard then that is your major problem.

The drying out might help but it's a slim chance at best. Certainly DO NOT even consider powering it up again for several days - in fact the FAN is perhaps not the best method to efficiently eradicate dampness (the fan just pushes air around). You might get better results if you were to place the laptop in an airing cupboard, in the vicinity of a hot water tank where the air is dryer due to the heat. Best to place the laptop inverted and open - like a little camping tent. That way you maximise the air circulation around the laptop and gravity works in your favour, pulling the moisture down and away from the motherboard.

If after several days it doesn't turn on, you will have to take it to a registered DELL repair shop to have it professionally assessed for damage. Repair may involve a new motherboard, but only a computer technician can tell you the extent of the damage.

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Thank you.

by kuracz In reply to Gravity was your biggest ...

Thank you, Old Mycrsoft.

I hope the water did not reach the motherboard and I will place my laptop in an airing cupboard. If nothing works after several days I will likely take it to a DELL repair shop to have it professionally assessed for damage as you said.

Thanks for the help!

All the best, Gaston.

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You're best to do it right ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you.

So, I'd give the laptop about 4 Days undisturbed in a warm area BEFORE turning it on again.

Don't be tempted to 'just check' - leave it alone.

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Wet laptop

by Rawan91 In reply to My Dell XPS M140 got wet ...

Hello, i just read your post and I realise its quite old but the same thing happened to me tonight. I accidentally spilled some water on my dell xps laptop and now it wont turn on. I flipped it over to dry and I really hope it works again. I wanted to know is your laptop working now and if so how did you get it to work? and if its not working were you able to get all your data out of your computer? Thanks alot!

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by KLK In reply to Wet laptop

It works for cell phones that get wet. I don't think any more damage can come from this, but try placing some rice in a container large enough to fit the laptop, place it in there, and cover the keyboard with some more rice (uncooked, of course). Let it sit for a few days - the rice will pull the moisture out. It worked for my daughter's cell phone she dropped into a bucket of water. Worth a shot, right?

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how Unlucky..

by himuraeikichi In reply to My Dell XPS M140 got wet ...

--turn off your dell XPS,,
--Dissamble it,,
--separate the wet part from other part..
--clean the wet part using alcohol or thinner liquid
--dry it using blower or hairdryer
--reallocate the cmos battery on mainboard or clear jumper bios to reset the bios setting
--assemble it again..
--turn on it..

this method always work for me, when the period of the damage isnt take too long.

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