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My desktop has disappeared!

By sda ·
After I installed the latest Sun Java update, after the Java console told me there was a new update, all of my desktop icons are gone. I have tried to manually put them back but nothing seems to work. I have also uninstalled the update, and tried to go back to a restore point, nothing seems to work. It seems that all the applications work when accessed through the start menu, also my MS Office task seems to work.

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by ReWrite In reply to My desktop has disappeare ...

Clipped this from a different discussion:

Control/Alt/Delete - When the Windows Task Manager dialog box appears, go
to Processes, find Explorer.exe highlight it and choose End Process.

Keep the task manager open then select the File menu and then New Task
(Run). When the Create New Task dialog box appears, type in Explorer and
press the OK button. Windows Explorer should restart complete with the
Taskbar and Start button.

If still nothing: Go back to the Task Manager/File/New Task and type in
msconfig. On the General Tab choose Expand File. Or
Go to Start/Run and type in CM
expand x:\i386\explorer.ex_ c:\windows\explorer.exe



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by princet In reply to My desktop has disappeare ...

This could be really easy. Right click on desktop, Point to Arrange Icons, then ensure that "Show Desktop Icons" is checked. If not, check it, they should all re-appear. Just wondering, why would anyone choose to NOT show their desktop icons?

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by arthur_king99 In reply to

Thank you very much, simple yet working solution. It work great, somehow registry messed up the explorer and create a no show desktop icons. It work great now after i check the arrange icons to show all. Thanks

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