My desktop PC USB ports dont supply power??

By ashwinraut ·
My desktop PC USB ports dont supply power??
It stopped working after i plugged in external
usb hard disk.
And my mouse also doesnt work on my pc, not on
ps2 ports also, but works fine on other pcs.

Can anyone help please..

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Not a good sign

by mjd420nova In reply to My desktop PC USB ports d ...

Apparently you have done some damage to your mother board. I would hesitate to try that USB hard disk on any other machine unless you wish to make another sacrifice to the computer gods. Get the external drive checked out and have you compter checked too. I have a unit that I was anticipating the problem from a previous experience like yours and got a copy of the circuit diagram and installed some fuses in line with the ports to prevent damage to the mother board and make it easy to replace the fuses in the event I did draw too much current. It has saved me a half dozen times and I recommend it to anyone who attempts this.

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At the very least your up for a new M'Board

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My desktop PC USB ports d ...

And most likely a Power Supply as well.


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USB / PS/2 Power

by TheChas In reply to My desktop PC USB ports d ...

It sounds like you damaged a regulator for the 5 volt USB and PS/2 port power.

The simple fix for your USB problem would be to install a powered USB hub and plug your USB devices into that. You will need to replace your mouse with a USB mouse.

As a general rule, I plug any high current USB devices into powered hubs rather than directly into the computer ports.

The problem with low current being available on the USB ports is very common on older systems with USB 1.1 ports.


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Externally powered USB hub solved it.

by ashwinraut In reply to USB / PS/2 Power

Thanks a lot..
Externally powered USB hub worked.

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Temporary Solution

by TheChas In reply to Externally powered USB hu ...

Glad that this worked for you.

I myself would consider this a temporary solution and would start planning when I could either replace the motherboard or the system.

A lot depends on just what was damaged on the motherboard.

This could work for the life of the computer. Or, another related problem could show up next week.

Still, it is good practice to use a powered USB hub when connecting to on-board ports.


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