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My discussion is being denied

By maxwell edison ·
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It's interesting that a discussion I attempted to start (three times) is apparently being censored and denied.

Start a benign one like this, then edit it to show the aforementioned discussion, and it, too, mysteriously disappears.


Just add another reason to the list.

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and the subject was what?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My discussion is being de ...

it may be the site moderators acting or the Obama spies that monitor the Internet for anything they don't like

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It was a discussion about how . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to and the subject was what?

...... the TR moderators - as well as the TR PsTB - are really Obama minions, all **** bent on keeping my discussions about truth, justice, and the American way out of Water Cooler.

And if you believe that, let me tell you about some nifty ocean front property in western Kansas I have for sale: cool ocean breeze, salt sea air, sandy beaches, mild temperatures, hot babes in bikinis ..........

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You Know Max, With Global Warming...

by cmiller5400 In reply to It was a discussion about ...

Ocean Front property in Kansas may not be that far fetched

I just couldn't resist, the set up was too perfect

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But you DO have to just KNOW . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to You Know Max, With Global ...

.... that anthropogenic global warming is to blame, at least in part, somehow.

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Hey Maxwell, I'll look at your Kansas property if you'll look at

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It was a discussion about ...

buying some great water front properties I have a deal on down in Florida. They even come with plenty of local wildlife, and the local Animal Control Officers don't care how many of the gators you shoot, as long as you don't make too much noise doing it late at night.

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Some of those bigger lakes in Kansas, like Milford Lake

by Deadly Ernest In reply to It was a discussion about ...

look like they have some nice beaches, mild temps, cool breezes, etc when you check them out in Google maps.

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Re: Milford Lake

by maxwell edison In reply to Some of those bigger lake ...

I've been on Milford Lake. I've also been IN Milford Lake. And I suppose I've been over Milford Lake several times as well. Not to mention driving right past it more times than I could possibly count.

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It's not just you, it's the forum spam-blocker

by robo_dev In reply to My discussion is being de ...

At least half the time I hit reply or answer, poof, my text goes away.

Note that ANYTHING with a valid URL in it gets tossed EVERY time, so do not post anything without doing a workaround such as

www google com (replace space with dots)

And if you type a ten paragraph response to something, be sure to hit COPY one time to save it to your paste buffer, or you will need to retype it

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Don't know, Max

by NickNielsen In reply to My discussion is being de ...

I can't speak for all the mods, but I know I haven't seen anything flagged that has your name on it.

If you are trying to include a link, you will need to modify it so it doesn't get blocked. As robo_dev points out, replacing the periods in the url with spaces works.

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Regarding URLs

by maxwell edison In reply to Don't know, Max

First they work, then they don't. Sometimes they will, other times they won't.

The case of the undecided URL rule.

At this point, I'm not buying that as the reason - simply because I can disprove it (as I just did).

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