My display is not turning on

By cinque8 ·
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I have a HP 6515B laptop running Windows 7. I turned on my computer but the display never turned on. After a few minutes, I turned it off and back on again, but the display was dark. This went on for about an hour, when I took a look at the 4 lights on the front left of my laptop in front of the keyboard. The 2 most left lights were on, and they were blue. The 3rd light was off. And the 4th light was yellow. The icon on top of the light was a disc, so I figured that the problem was my hard drive. So I turned off the computer, removed the hard drive, replaced it with another hard drive, and turned my computer back on. But the light was still yellow. So I turned my computer off and on for about 4 hours, and the display finally came back on. But when I turn my computer off, I have to turn it off and on about 30 times before the screen display turns on. I do not see any errors or flags when I look at Display adapters in Device Manager. Does anyone know what caused this?
Thank you
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Display not turning on

by robertosburn6 In reply to My display is not turning ...

Well, there could be sawdust in the gadget. That stuff gets all over the place. It likewise could be a power issue.

Attempt the accompanying and check whether it will turn on.

1. To begin with, ensure the gadget has been charged.

2. Unplug your charger line.

3. Expel the battery.

4. Press and hold the "Power" button for 30 seconds and check whether the gadget will turn on.

5. On the off chance that it does, awesome, now connect back to the power/charger rope. (If by chance it didn't turn on without the line in, it should turn on once it is in. Truly once in a while, they will turn on, or attempt to turn on, even with nothing joined/connected to.)

6. Presently set the battery back in.

On the off chance that this doesn't help, at that point test the power cable to check whether it is great. Either attempt your cable in another gadget or attempt another gadget cable in your PC.

Should that not be the issue, at that point check the battery to check whether it needs replacing.

In the event that this addition doesn't help, at that point, you may require either the jack or even the motherboard replacement.

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by felod In reply to Display not turning on

Maybe your loop went off, so I do not turn on the display, I wore it in repair, originally repaired even the warranty was given, but in the end I worked for 3 days and everything, again went out completely. so I had to buy a new one, bought on coupon codes was very pleased, works fine, but also is pleased with the fact that it is cheaper than in the store"

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Screen diagnosis

by GalacticaIT In reply to My display is not turning ...

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by laptopfactoryoutle In reply to My display is not turning ...

It can be happened because of some of the hardware issue

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My display is not turning on

by anderhill In reply to My display is not turning ...

NOTE: Before attempting to remove or replace any part inside the case, make sure it is turned off.

Well, the first thing that could be causing this is your memory card (RAM). Try removing it and place it in another memory slot on the motherboard.

To make sure that your motherboard is still in good working order, remove the memory card and turn on the PC. I should hear a continuous beep. If you hear this, then your motherboard is fine.

If placing the memory card in another slot does not work, then the problem lies in the memory card itself. You will have to replace it.

It could also be that some PCI cards with faults are causing this error. Try removing your PCI cards. Normally, a faulty PCI modem causes this type of error. Remove it and then turn on the PC.

The processor can not be faulty, but even so, if you want to verify it, remove the Cooler CPU fan. Then turn on the PC.

Place your finger on the processor for 2 seconds. You should find the processor warming up. Then turn it off immediately. If this works, then your processor is good.

Remember not to leave it ON for more than 5 seconds.

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