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    My Documents and Explorer.exe


    by emo_boy_lost_in_life_01 ·

    when ever I open my My Documents folder or a program does including search then it restarts the explorer.exe process and refreshes the desktop. I need access to my documents soon big project coming to its end date….please help me…p.s. I am running a dell dimension 2400 with intigrated technologies, e.g. “Sound card, graphics controller…” and 512 mb DDR2 Ram with a intel pentium 4 processer and 16x dvd, 64x cd duel write burner and 2 or 3 ghz but yeah you get the point also I just reinstalled windows not too long ago and all drivers are up too date I even rolled back wmp and ie7. and have performed defragments and registrie cleans and pc bosster stuff also.

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