My Documents folder redirection very slow

By cort21 ·
We have just set up a remote user that is having trouble when saving a file to "My Documents"

The problem only occurs when the user is connected to the VPN. It seems as though when they are connected to the VPN the system is trying to immediately save the file to the server rather than save it locally & sync it to the server when idle or at logoff.

I have been using a 12Kb file & have found that when connected to the VPN & saving to My Documents it takes close to 30 seconds to save the file.

The same file, while connected to the VPN & saved to C saves instantly.

The same file, while NOT connected to the VPN & saved to My Documents, saves instantly.

I'm assuming part of the problem is the Internet connection. When connected to the VPN, reports the download speed of the connection being .6Mbps

Is there a way to make sure the files saved to My Documents aren't synced to the server until a later time so the user's experience isn't so sluggish? The system has become totally non-responsive a number of times just from trying to open or save files, resulting in the system being shutdown by holding down on the power button.

The system is Windows XP Pro, Intel Core 2 2.00Ghz, 2GB RAM, connecting to a Windows 2003 Small Business.

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One issue with using a VPN

by robo_dev In reply to My Documents folder redir ...

is that Windows Kerberos authentication uses UDP. UDP is a connectionless protocol that does not tolerate out-of-sequence packets very well. With a registry change, you can force Kerberos to use TCP.

If you put a PC running wireshark, or any protocol analyzer, on the connection, you would probably see thousands of SMB errors, related to Kerberos.

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by cort21 In reply to One issue with using a VP ...

Thanks for that! I gave it a shot & it did seem to improve performance a bit. It still took probably 15 seconds to save that same 12Kb file.

Do you know of any way to set the system up to not automatically sync files between the client & server? It'd be nice to have the system perform basically the same way it does when not connected to the VPN.

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Offline Files Enabled?

by rjluvkc In reply to My Documents folder redir ...

If offline files are not enabled, I believe they will just save to your redirected share.

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Yes, Offline Files are enabled

by cort21 In reply to Offline Files Enabled?

That is one of the things I am confused about. It seems like when I hit "save" it is not only saving locally but to the server as well. The files are available offline as they should be.

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Could be their internet connection

by NexS In reply to My Documents folder redir ...

They may have a slow internet connection, with which they connect to the VPN.

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Yes, 1.5 Mbps, 0.6 Mbps when connected to the VPN

by cort21 In reply to Could be their internet c ...

I know the slow connection is part of the problem, that's why I don't want the sync to happen instantly. I'm starting to get the idea there is no way to do that.

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