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My Documents Redirection

By CQ_West ·
One of the great things about Windows group policies is the ability to redirect each workstations' My Documents folder to a network share so that the contents can be backed up from a network server. I have done this with my LAN, but I have a new problem and I'm wondering what others might have done in a similar situation.

After redirecting the My Documents folder, I discovered that the My Music, My Pictures and other My folders are also redirected to the server. This poses a problem as my file server is now filling up with hundreds of MP3 and JPG files. This causes backup nightmares as well.

So, how have you dealt with this problem on your network?

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What are the company policies?

by stress junkie In reply to My Documents Redirection

This issue has been discussed here in one form or another several times. The issues are generally the following.

Are the MPG and JPG files related to work?

If they are not related to work then what is the company policy about keeping nonbusiness files on company machines?

Even if the company policy is to allow employees to use space on company machines for personal interest files there is still the issue that this situation is requiring you to either delete these files or add storage space. Ask you management what they want to do.

Generally businesses will establish a policy that does not allow employees to fill up disk space on business owned computers with personal interest files.

Usually the biggest problem in these situations is to get managers to enforce existing policies.

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Passive Managers

by CQ_West In reply to What are the company poli ...

The policy is that all files saved on the company machines are to be related to work. Any files that are discovered to be outside of work are subject to be removed by the IT Staff. However, the managers don't have any problems with staff listening to music in their cubicles/offices. What I'm finding is that the workers don't want to leave their personal CD's at work, so they just copy the music to their systems. The IT Staff can delete these items as often as they like, but they always return because management is not willing to enforce the policy. I guess I need to prepare a cost of storage for each user doing this so the management will see how much it is costing them to be passive.

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Oh no

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Passive Managers

Sorry, but I find that kinda funny in a sad IT kinda way, as I can empathise with you. "Oh look, that guy has re-loaded his entire REM collection AGAIN"

On a more constructive note, without looking it out myself, can you GP media applications, like media player, to the C drive? Hmm, guess you would need to re-direct browsers as well.

Wonder if you could write a search-and-delete overnight script? Running ahead of the backup, somehow?

Good Luck

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My Documents redirection

by swordfish455 In reply to What are the company poli ...

If your MP3 and MPG files are not necessary and you wanted to block users from saving/redirecting these files to your server you can upgrade to Windows Server 2003 R2 where you can set a rule for the type of files by extension that your users can save in your files server.

George Cuartero

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Redirect the My Music, My Pictures & My Vidio folders

by ayurcek In reply to My Documents Redirection

We have the same problem.
When we set up a new user, I currently manually cut and paste the Music, Pictures & Video folder to a local PC folder for the PC.

Does anyone have a way to redirect these other folders through GP or maybe a runonce logon script or something?

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