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    My documents stalls on opening


    by michael.mace ·

    I just got done after a fresh install of 2000 copied everything over to the users desktop and organized files. I set the path of My documents to the D:\my documents and loaded all of the files the user needed. Total space right now is 1.22 GB I compressed it. Its now at 998 MB. When ever the user or me tries to access the folder it waits for 30 sec. before opening, my guess its searching the network. Do you have any suggestions?

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      My documents stalls on opening

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to My documents stalls on opening

      If you are accessing a compressed file you have to wait for it to locate and decrompress the file before it will display. If you compressed the folder as a whole instead of the files individually, then it usually uncompresses the whole folder to locate the file you want.

      Try decompressing the files and see if that resolves the issue, if it does then this is the cause.

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