My Documents synchronization error "The parameter is incorrect"

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There is a member of our Windows AD system who has a laptop with Win XP Sp3. His "My Document" folder is directed to a dfs share on the main file server. Synching worked well for several months and then started to fail with the error "The parameter is incorrect". He typically has over 12GB that gets synched each login and logout. (When Synch of offline files works). He now has quite a lot of "stranded" files that are not accessable to him when he is connected to the network. I'd like to resolve this issue for him and make the process reliable on a daily basis.

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Have a look at the client and server event logs to see why.

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But "parameter" indicates something wrong with the path or some other argument in the sync command.

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That is normally the case, see if his file names have exceeded the windows recognized length. He may have created to many sub-folders with long names.

Also something you may want to think about for users above 1GB is creating a Home directory or Shared Folder for the client. So when he connects it will auto map his for say "H:" Drive to a Shared folder that only he can access. This is where he can store his very Big files or Archived files that he doesn't use often. This will help the clients log in time and help with sync issues.
It is recommended, at least from NMCI, that home folder shares remain at or below 700MB in size, anything larger has the potential to cause file corruption, .DAT file errors and sync issues with select clients.

Also it could be a configuration issue, are you using the default size allocated by windows server for your windows users shares? If so I'm pretty sure it's not set to 12GB.

Another cause if other users have around the same size folders and are without sync issues is his roaming profile has become corrupted. In windows XP a easy way to check is, ( If the account folder is normally lower case) but on his local profile on the machine it is all in capital letters, Another way to check would be to see if the .DAT file on the roaming is growing in size or much larger then other users.

In the case the profile is corrupted all local profiles need to be renamed while the user is logged out, then rename the users roaming profile. You will need to take ownership and grant permissions to yourself to do this.

Once both are renamed have the user log in, you will notice under ownership it is still set to administrator, have the user take ownership of his share. If the issue reoccurs after this it is most likely due to file size. Create a share folder for the user and migrate his Data there

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