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By goalie2 ·

Our File server is running w2k. We have pc's running a mixture of XPSP2 and Vista Business.

When in Vista I go to a users Documents and change the location to the network drive on the file server it works but acts very wierd i.e. In vista when you go to the network drive in my computer where the username should be it shows documents instead and then inside that it has all the docs.

When I login to the w2k file server and go to the users directory the ones running Vista there username does not show up correctly but more if it is not recognised. The file atttributes are set to read-only even after I change them. The security settings are set correctly for each user. ANyone have any ideas?

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Delete the Vista units from the Network

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Documents Vista

Reload the individual units with a Volume License of XP and continue to use XP as the Default OS.

Don't offer any support for Vista in any form as it has quite a few problems when in a Network Situation of any description.


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Wish I could

by goalie2 In reply to Delete the Vista units fr ...

but I can't as find it hard enoguh to get time to get these people away from their pc's.

There must be someone out there who came across this problem somewhere along the line?


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I did when testing Vista

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wish I could

That is why i Haven't deployed a single Vista Install since November 06.

All my customers if they actually buy a computer loaded with Vista have it changed to XP before adding to the LAN. The majority however buy their hardware from me so I supply them with what they need for their business.

There are Education Intuitions who support Vista but only as far as if it works OK but if there is a problem you need to change your software so that it works and the services are limited.


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